Best Video Intercom Systems for Apartments

Trying to buy an intercom system for your apartment building? This article will provide you in depth overview of best video intercom systems for residential buildings.

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This article covers the best apartment video intercom systems for:

  • multi tenant apartment buildings
  • high rise residential building
  • small apartment buildings
  • high end homes.

Residential buildings regularly accommodate more than just tenants. They handle visitors, deliveries, dog walkers, etc. so most require an intercom system for visitor management along with access control. This guide covers the types of intercom systems for residential buildings, benefits of installing them, and the key players in the industry.

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best video intercom system for apartments

Best Intercom Systems for Apartments

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Types of Intercom Systems

It’s important to understand the types of intercom systems on the market in order to assess them for the specific needs of the residential community.

  • Voice calling via phone number
  • Audio intercom systems that use VOIP and SIP technology
  • Video intercom without door release
  • Video intercom with door release
  • Video intercom with door release and access control functionality.

Apartment entry systems

Typically, most buildings use keys and key cards as they entry system. Apartment entry systems are changing from keys or key fobs, to add mobile app based access, given widespread availability and convenience of our phones. With COVID-19 and the shift to touchless access control, facial recognition entry systems are being deployed to provide convenient touchless access.

Benefits of Video Intercom System for Apartments

  • Secure packages and deliveries
  • Manage guests
  • Front desk support
  • Frictionless property staff communication
  • Remote door unlock
  • Single use visitor pins and temporary access capability

Benefits of Access Control for Apartments

  • Give access to tenants via keys, pin pads, key fobs, mobile apps or biometrics
  • Re-issue access when keys are changed / credentials are changed
  • Improve security of buildings to prevent unauthorized access
  • Avoid package theft
  • Avoid apartment break-ins and maintain safety for tenants
  • Peace of mind for tenants

Swiftlane’s Video Intercom System for Apartment Buildings

See how Swiftlane is revolutionizing security with advanced visitor management for residential properties.

Wireless Intercom Systems For Apartment Buildings

Traditional intercom systems are wired from the door intercom panel, to each individual unit. Over the last several years, the industry has shifted to wireless intercom systems, that work for single unit and multi unit apartments as well. These wireless intercom systems for apts use mobile apps, in order to receive calls straight to your phone. This eliminates the need for walking over to a wall mounted tablet. Below, we discuss various wireless apt intercom systems.

Video Intercom Systems for Apartments

Audio only door buzzers can result in package theft, with people pretending to a Fedex delivery person. Package theft is at an all time high in 2020, so it’s important to invest in a video intercom system. An apartment building video intercom system should support multiple tenant, as well as ability to configure a front desk receptionist if needed for your building.

Multi Tenant Video Intercom Systems

Check to make sure that the intercom system meets your needs, depending on the type of building you are in.

Small Multi Family / Multi Apartment Intercom System

For small multi family apartments, such as small 4 unit apartment buildings, it’s important to optimize and reduce the installation and ongoing costs for video intercom systems.

Multi Unit Building Doorbells

Some systems only provide a multi unit doorbell, with remote door buzzer using an intercom panel. These systems were widely popular in the past 20 years. Systems like Nutone intercom have been deployed in many buildings but lack support today and being replaced with video intercoms.

Multi Unit Intercom System: Mixed Use Building

If you are in a mixed use building, ensure you intercom system provide ability to add both residential as well as commercial tenants.

Multi Tenant High Rise Residential Intercom

For high rise buildings, there are other unique challenges that need to be tackled. It’s important to ensure that your intercom system supports multiple entrances. The form factor should be small enough to deploy in all kinds of door entrances. The high rise residential intercom system should support front desk capabilities, as well as multi tenant capabilities.

Buying Considerations for Apartment Intercom Systems

There is much to consider when looking to implement or upgrade your intercom system. Above all, you want a solution that is going to future proof your investment while maintaining low operational cost for manual processes. The system should provide multi tenant directory, video calling, remote door buzzer, easy installation, low cost of operations and so many other things. You can read the complete guide on how to buy an intercom system for apartments.

Best Apartment Intercom System

In this article, we provide a detailed overview of the best intercom systems for apartments. Intercom technology has rapidly advanced in the past 10 years, and it’s important that building owners avoid buying legacy systems that result in heavy ongoing operational costs and poor tenant experience.

best video intercom system for apartments

Swiftlane Video Intercom for Apartments and Residential

Swiftlane’s revolutionary new intercom system has changed the apartment intercom system landscape. Swiftlane video intercom for apartments offers

  • two way video intercom with visitors
  • front desk and multi tenant intercom system
  • built in access control, reducing the cost of installation by half
  • beautifully designed hardware
  • mobile and advanced touchless face recognition access control built in
  • one time use delivery pin generation
  • pin based access

Swiftlane’s modern, future proof offering makes it one of the best intercom systems for apartments. Learn more about it on the Swiftlane Video Intercom page.


Swiftlane intercom retrofits alongside existing electric door locks and motion sensors. Swiftlane intercom reader requires simple ethernet-based wiring, using standardized cables and avoiding proprietary wiring. Swiftlane takes a single power over ethernet cable to install the reader.


Swiftlane reader comes in a compact, easy to mount intercom system with a beautiful silver-gray or matte-gray design. It features a touchscreen to provide interactivity to tenants and visitors. Swiftlane door unlock relay sits on the secure side of the building, which means it does not suffer from outside security risk. Swiftlane hardware works with existing electric door locks reducing dependence on proprietary hardware as it reuses the majority of the hardware already in place.


Swiftlane Intercom is priced around $12-$1500 per reader.

Manage multiple doors and buildings centrally

Swiftlane is a cloud-based intercom system, which can manage any number of entrances, even multiple buildings, within one system. There are countless benefits for building owners and property managers using cloud-based systems.

Two-way video calling with remote unlock

Swiftlane intercom features two-way video intercom calling. After visual verification, remotely enable door release and unlock the door via the Swiftlane app.

High quality video

Swiftlane video intercom provides adaptive 1080 P HD video calls, offering a seamless visitor management experience for your guests.

Built-in access control system

Swiftlane stands apart from other systems because of its built-in touchless access control. Keys and key cards pose operational and security issues. Swiftlane intercom features multiple forms of access control for tenants including unique pin access, mobile app access and touchless face recognition access.

Effective delivery management

Issue one-time use pin codes to delivery instructions, so that your deliveries can be performed conveniently, while maintaining high security. These pin codes expire after one use, which avoids giving out and leaking access.

Front desk and multi tenant intercom support

Easily call the front desk with Swiftlane Intercom. Multi tenant intercom settings allow creating an unlimited number of tenants and giving them the ability to receive calls from their guests easily on their phones.

Wireless intercom for apartments

Because Swiftlane users can receive their visitor calls straight on their phones, there is no need to mount a tablet on the wall or go run up to the door buzzer to let someone in. This avoids expensive installation costs and hassle around letting people in.

Operational costs

Swiftlane significantly minimizes operational costs for property management and building owners. Below is a list of just a few ways that is done:

  • Eliminate constant cost of creating new keys and key fobs
  • Eliminate cost of printing visitor badges
  • Avoid having to re-key all the doors when a tenant leaves
  • Remotely grant credentials to tenants without requiring shipping key fobs or being on site
  • Manage intercom and visitors for multiple doors from a single platform
  • Manage visitors across multiple buildings centrally
  • Enhance tenant experience
  • Increase tenant security
  • Eliminate package theft



Doorbird provides several types of intercom readers at various price points. Doorbird provides a simple intercom with the ability to perform video intercom. However it does not provide remote unlock capabilities.

Remote unlock

The Doorbird app provides the ability to send a remote unlock to the door.

Delivery management

Built-in connectors for traditional door chime, Ethernet, electric door strike, and door opener button to never miss a delivery.


Security integrators have expressed concerns about door lock relays that are directly attached to the intercom system. Relay triggers on the intercom device can provide a security vulnerability to an intruder. By removing the intercom device from the wall and connecting the two relay wires, someone can open the door electronically.


Depending on the products you choose, a single DoorBird will cost between $1,500 to $4,500. There are no charges for the automatic cloud storage of entry photo logs.


Visitor access

Guests can use digital keypads for calling residents. Residents can unlock doors by pressing telephone buttons.


DoorKing installs on regular, pre-existing phone lines for visitor communication with residents. No additional hardware is necessary.

Delivery management

Microplus transmitters and receivers allow distant operation.


The price of different models depends on the number of lines and other available features such as directory names, entry codes, expansion, PC programmability, etc. According to Doorking’s price schedule effective Feb. 3, 2020, the price of a single 27-line Telephone Entry Station Model 1802 AP is $2,022 for surface mount and $2,050 for flush mount. Model 1833, which stores up to 3000 phone numbers but no PC programmability, is priced at $3,576.

Aiphone Intercom

Multi-property connection

Aiphone intercom has the ability to connect multi-building complexes. It can support thousands of door stations, master stations, and substations.


Aiphone intercom has extremely reliable hardware with a virtually unlimited choice of models and features for small and large buildings.

Visitor notification

Notification when a visitor arrives can take the form of a door chime, paging, chime paging, or guard station features.


The price of different Aiphone intercom models varies widely and will depend on the products you select.

2N Intercom


2N intercom has an easy install to start using right away. It does not require a local network or cables. Centralized multi device management through a web interface accommodates multiple access points.


2N intercom has a built-in night vision component in the camera for secure visitor management when dark. This intercom also takes a photograph of the visitor, which is sent to the resident’s email address, to verify identity.

Video intercom with visitors

Wide-angle color camera with CCTV link allows two-way communication with visitors.

Video doorbell

2N’s video doorbell feature via 2N Mobile Video allows visitors to contact residents even if residents are away from the building. The mobile capability also has a door release function to grant access to visitors, such as deliveries, from anywhere.


2N has a wide range of models and the price will vary depending on the components you select. The main unit of 2N IP Verso with camera is available with 2N dealers for a price of $995. You still need to buy the keypad module (~$696), Bluetooth (~$440), RFID (~$582) and other modules that your facility requires

Latch Intercom

Guest access

Allow and share access through the Latch App. The system allows for temporary codes for guests, delivery people and cleaning crews. Multiple entry methods include mobile app, NFC, passcodes, and keys.


Eliminates the need for buying additional hardware and software.

Video intercom with visitors

Residents can choose how their name is displayed on screen and whether or not to share their video and photo.


Security integrators have expressed concerns about door lock relays that are directly attached to the intercom system. Relay triggers on the intercom device can provide a security vulnerability to an intruder. By removing the intercom device from the wall and connecting the two relay wires, someone can open the door electronically.


The visitor entry intercom is priced at $2,999, and you need to buy an external camera for video. Latch charges $2 monthly per unit as software fee. Pricing may vary by number of units and contract length.

ButterflyMX Intercom

ButterflyMX provides modern intercom systems for apartments and is installed in many high-rise apartment buildings in the US.

Video intercom with visitors

Butterfly MX features video intercom for visitors, allowing tenants to communicate face-to-face with their visitors.

Remote unlock via the app

Butterfly MX provides tenants with the ability to remotely open doors for their visitors. This is a critical functionality in order to reduce operational burden and create a better tenant experience.

Pin code access

Butterfly MX features the ability to give out one-time use pin codes to delivery people, making it easy to handle deliveries securely.

Temporary access via QR code

Butterfly MX features the ability to give out temporary access to your guests. You can generate access for your guests via their app. Guests receive a QR code to use with the intercom device and gain access.

Support for multi tenants

Butterfly MX allows property managers to create multiple tenants and control access at the tenant level.

Multiple intercom sizes

Butterfly provides multiple sizes for the intercom system to suit the needs of any type building. Their systems are available in 7 inch, 11.6 inch, or 21 inch wall mount stations with touchscreen displays.


ButterflyMX can be installed next to the door via DC power, internet connectivity wire CAT5 or CAT6 cables. Butterfly intercom can be connected to an external UPS to provide power backup. ButterflyMX can be installed on a dedicated network connection in order to provide higher Internet connection reliability


ButterflyMX hardware pricing starts at $3600 and can go up to $8000 dollars per reader. ButterflyMX comes with subscription plans depending on the type of building and the number of tenants.

Single Family Home: Best Cheap Intercom System

This article is primarily about multi family apartment intercom systems. We would like to briefly mention the best option for single family homes. The Ring doorbell provides a cost effective and versatile option for single family homes.

Ring Features

  • Wired or wireless battery operated options
  • Very simple to install
  • 1080p HD Video intercom, to see, hear and speak to visitors
  • Video proof reduces package theft risk
  • Motion detected video capture
  • Pick up calls straight to your phone, on the ring app
  • Works with specific smart locks to open doors via a hub or alexa and google

Multifamily Use

  • Limited support for multi tenant management
  • No door release or access control feature
  • Lack of detailed permission control for tenants vs owners vs property managers

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