New Swiftlane awarded Best Wired Access Control Product 2020 by SIA

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Modern access control for the enterprise

With Swiftlane, unlock a new enterprise access experience for your company.

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Current access control systems are insecure

Current systems require operational burden, run on-premise, and have security issues

  • Key cards are easy to lose and clone
  • Tailgating risks
  • Hard to manage software
  • Huge operational burden
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Swiftlane mobile credentials are convenient to use

Swiftlane app provides secure, encrypted unlock for your doors from your mobile phones

  • Convenient access from your phone
  • Easy enrollment
  • Encrypted, fast and secure access
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Swiftlane face recognition access is fast and secure

Just walk up to the door, look at the Swiftlane device and the door unlocks

  • Frictionless Access
  • Fast face enrollment
  • Designed for privacy
  • Unique two factor authentication