Access Control
and Video Intercom
for Enterprise and Offices

Swiftlane’s touchless, cloud-based access control experience offers a multi-site video intercom and visitor management system. Easily scales to secure one door or multiple locations. Protect your office and employees by creating a smarter, safer workplace.

  • Cloud-Based System
  • Remote Management
  • COVID-19 Safety Tools
  • Touchless Access Control

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Swiftlane Touchless Access for Offices

swiftlane access control

Scalable, Custom Installation Solutions for Every Office

Swiftlane offers customizable touchless access options that easily coexist with your current key card system.

Standalone Swiftlane Install

  • Simple IP based access control installation
  • Complete access control management features
  • Touchless face unlock and mobile unlock
  • Video intercom system
  • Envoy + Swiftlane visitor management suite
  • Works with a single building, or large multi-location access control deployments

Retrofit With Current System

  • No need to strip out the current key card system
  • Just upgrade a few doors to touchless entry with Swiftlane
  • Enable remote first video intercom for guests
  • Very low access control installation cost
  • COVID-19 touchless entry without incurring a large project cost

Multi-Tenant Video Intercom and Visitor Management


Front Desk Intercom

Eliminate the need for receptionists and security personnel to be tied down to a desk.  Swiftlane reduces operational overhead for business owners and front desk staff by allowing remote unlock and admin dashboard management from anywhere via phone or computer.


Multi-Tenant Intercom

Get real-time notifications when visitors arrive and grant access remotely. Prevent break-ins, theft, and vandalism using the video intercom feed and visual verification feature to identify everyone entering the building.


Wireless Intercom System Using Mobile Phone

Verify a visitor’s identity and remotely unlock the doors, with just a click. Pick up calls straight from your computer or phone — no need to run to a tablet every few minutes to check-in visitors or handle deliveries.


Swiftlane + Envoy Integration

Upgrade your visitor management capabilities with the Swiftlane +Envoy integration. The solution allows for granting temporary access to visitors and easy monitoring when visitors are on-site. Contact us to learn more about implementing this solution at your workplace.


Single-Use Delivery PINs

Generate single-use or multiple-use pins for visitors or deliveries. Avoid shared pins that compromise security.


Centrally Manage Visitors at Multiple Doors and Buildings

Communicate with visitors via the video intercom system with two-way audio and video calling, and grant access remotely after visual verification.

Swiftlane front desk intercom
Swiftlane Multi-Tenant Intercom
Swiftlane video intercom and visitor management
Swiftlane + Envoy Integration
Swiftlane access control and pin unlock visitor management
swiftlane touchless access

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