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Apartment Video Intercom With Remote Door Unlock

Ideal for apartment and condo buildings provides high security and simplifies visitor and delivery management. Learn more about Swiftlane’s reliable two-way audio and video intercom calling and touchless access control.

  • Multi-Tenant Video Intercom
  • Mobile App Door Unlock
  • Remote Door Unlock
  • Wireless Video Calling
  • Delivery Access
  • Cutting Edge Face Access
  • Temporary Visitor Access
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Swiftlane Multi-Tenant Video Intercom

Swiftlane offers built-in two-way audio and video intercom calling for a secure visitor management and guest access solution. 

  • One way or two way video intercom
  • Reliable, 1080p HD audio video calling
  • Remote unlock from anywhere with the Swiftlane app
  • Receive intercom calls via mobile app or over traditional telephone lines
swiftlane for multifamily buildings

Mobile Unlock

  • Convenient Mobile Access to doors
  • Remotely unlock doors using the app
  • Can be used to access building common areas, amenities and garage doors

Revolutionary Face Recognition Access

  • Swiftlane brings in face recognition access to apartment buildings
  • Over a billion people use face id to unlock their phones, get the same convenience for building access
  • Carrying groceries, pushing a stroller, holding a coffee? No need to fumble for keys or key fobs
  • Ensure peace of mind for residents while providing the most frictionless access experience to your building 

Watch How Swiftlane Video Intercom Works

swiftlane touchless access control for commercial real estate

Swiftlane Video Intercom Features

  • High-Quality Video Calling

    Reliable, 1080p HD video calling. High-quality video offers better security and verification.

  • Temporary Visitor Access

    Assign unique six-digit single-use or multi-use PINs for visitors or deliveries. Easily revoke PINs immediately.

  • Remote Door Unlock

    Use the Swiftlane mobile app from anywhere to remotely grant access to visitors and unlock doors.

  • Integrated Access Control

    Reliable mobile access allows users to open doors with just a click on a smartphone. Option to upgrade to face recognition access.

  • Scalable for Multiple Buildings and Admins

    Centrally manage multiple buildings from a single cloud-based dashboard. Add multiple admins to create a virtual front desk that can be managed from anywhere.

  • Real-Time Security Monitoring

    View all door access in real-time via cloud-based dashboard. Prevent unauthorized access with a visual audit trail and tailgating alerts.

  • Remotely Answer Intercom Calls

    Swiftlane app allows picking up a call from anywhere. Calls are received as a regular phone call without the need to monitor app push notifications. Traditional intercom systems only work when you are in the building.

  • Versatile, Beautiful Hardware

    SwiftReader is compact and easily mountable with a 7.75″ design with robust metal enclosure in matte, dark gray finish. The hardware is IK07 rated for impact protection. Sunshade enclosure also available.

  • Easy Installation, Onboarding, and Updates

    Swiftlane is U.S. based and sold through local installers who provide installation and ongoing support. Automatic software updates eliminate constant need for expensive maintenance.

Find the Right Solution for Your Building

Multifamily Residential

Reliable visitor access solution for mid- to high-rise residential buildings, apartment complexes, and multifamily communities

Office and Enterprise

Modern, convenient office access solution to safely and securely manage visitors, deliveries, packages, and other vendors.

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