Swiftlane for Multifamily Buildings

Create the best tenant experience with Swiftlane’s cloud-based access control and video intercom system.

  • Face Recognition Access
  • Modern Mobile Unlock
  • Multi-Tenant Video Intercom
  • Cloud-Based Management
  • Key Cards and Visitor PIN Access
  • Secure Access for Garages and Elevators
  • Contactless Apartment Tours
  • Package Management

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Swiftlane Access Control and Video Intercom is the easiest, most reliable access experience for building owners, property managers, tenants, and visitors.

Solve Your Biggest Challenges With Swiftlane

Every residential building has a unique set of challenges, including key management, handling packages and deliveries, and maintaining the highest level of tenant security. Swiftlane solves these challenges with a security-first access solution designed specifically for multifamily buildings.


Consolidated Key Management

Swiftlane’s cloud-based platform allows property managers to manage all access credentials within one intuitive platform. No more juggling garage door openers, key fobs, and separate amenity access!


All-In-One Solution

Swiftlane Access Control is equipped with modern access methods including facial recognition, mobile, and pin-based unlock for frictionless tenant access. Built-in video intercom and visitor pass capabilities save the expense of operating two different systems. Our seamless integrations allow you to build the most robust, interoperable property ecosystem.


Simple Browser-Based Access Management

Remotely add or remove tenants with an intuitive browser-based dashboard.


Secure Delivery Management

Never again miss a delivery or risk package theft with two-way video calling and remote unlock from your smartphone or wherever you use the Swiftlane App.


Easy Visitor Management From Anywhere

Remotely unlock the front door for your visitors without ever leaving the comfort of your home — or from anywhere if you’re not home.


Offer Contactless Apartment Tours

Provide prospective tenants the option for self-guided apartment tours to ensure physical safety and security while improving lease conversions.

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swiftlane access control
swiftlane access control
swiftlane access control
swiftlane access control
swiftlane touchless access control for commercial real estate

Swiftlane For Building Owners

Swiftlane is designed to protect any building owner’s largest investment and pave a way for streamlined property expansion.

Upgraded Property Amenities

  • Swiftlane’s face recognition access and mobile unlock technology is designed by security experts to safeguard your biggest investments while modernizing the building experience
  • Provide your property managers with a better solution for package management, apartment touring, visitor access, and tenant security
  • Get the support you need when you need it through chat, email, phone, and certified integrators across the U.S.

Convenient, Accessible Property Data

  • Swiftlane’s platform makes remote management easy for one property or hundreds from a single cloud-based dashboard
  • Manage properties via mobile app or web-based browser
  • Detailed reporting provides instant access to property data in order to remain compliant and create tangible ROI 

All-In-One Common Area Security

  • Swiftlane consolidates common area security by combining access control, video intercom, video surveillance, visitor and package management to support seamless property expansion.
  • Centralize purchasing power with an all-in-one provider for apartment building security

Swiftlane For Property Managers

Swiftlane is uniquely designed to streamline operations for property managers all while improving the living experience for residents. 

Remote Visitor Management 

  • Set up a virtual front desk for off-site management
  • Single-use PINs that expire after 5 minutes enable secure, contactless apartment tours for streamlined leasing 
  • Multi-use PINs can be scheduled during a timeframe you designate to manage access for cleaning staff, contractors, maintenance workers, and more. 

Intuitive Admin Dashboard

  • Simple, intuitive interface gives property managers a seamless option to remotely manage properties from anywhere
  • Traditional on-premise access systems are complicated and require extensive technical training — Swiftlane is simple and easy to learn in 10 minutes
  • Remotely add or remove tenants via the browser-based dashboard and provide temporary PIN access for maintenance and other vendors — no need to be on site

Offer the #1 Amenity: Peace of Mind

  • Seamless entry into the building and all common areas using high-security face recognition, mobile unlock, PIN codes, and key cards
  • Fast, low cost installation and minimal subscription fees to align with any budget
  • Swiftlane is designed and reinforced for vandal protection resistance with hardware that features custom security screws, strong aluminum enclosure, and additional theft and vandal protection insurance available.
Swiftlane Admin Dashboard

Swiftlane for Tenants

As tenants increasingly demand better security and amenities, landlords, building owners, and property managers need to adopt solutions that prioritize high security and safety. Swiftlane is the intelligent security system that tenants are looking for because it was designed to solve real security issues and create an elevated, seamless living experience.

Privacy- First Face Recognition Access

  • Revolutionary face recognition access designed for tenants
  • Quick and easy self-enrollment 
  • Simply walk up to a the door, look at the reader, and it opens

Reliable Mobile Unlock

  • Use your smartphone to unlock doors from anywhere
  • Remotely manage access permissions using just the Swiftlane app or browser

Multi-Tenant Video Intercom

  • High-quality, reliable two-way audio and video calling and remote unlock gives tenants control and flexibility for modern apartment living
  • Schedule multi-use PIN codes to grant access during the days and times you designate
  • Schedule single-use PIN codes that expire after 5 minutes of initial use to securely manage your food and package deliveries

Key Features For Multifamily Buildings


Reliable Mobile Unlock

Remotely unlock and manage door permissions from anywhere using a mobile phone or browser. Release door lock remotely from mobile app.


Touchless Face Recognition Access

Simply look at the reader and the door unlocks. Self-enrollment is easy and takes only one minute and can be done using just a smartphone. Face recognition access is completely optional.


Multi-Tenant Video Intercom

Remotely unlock doors from anywhere and visually verify visitors before granting access. Communicate with visitors using two-way audio and video intercom.


Delivery PINs

Generate unique six-digit, single-use PINs for deliveries, or assign a unique PIN to a user.


Admin Dashboard

In a remote first world, it’s critical to be able to securely manage access from anywhere. Our cloud-based system allows for easy remote management via the admin dashboard or mobile app.

Versatile Key Card Access

Swiftlane supports a variety of fobs, cards and readers for flexibility for every property and access point.


Virtual Front Desk Intercom

Easily add multiple admins and receptionists who can manage access and users from anywhere via mobile or desktop.


Remote Visitor Management

Generate unique single-use PINs for deliveries, or assign a unique PIN code to a user. Avoid shared PINs that compromise security.


Seamless Workflow Integrations

Swiftlane offers many multifamily integration options for a complete apartment security solution. Swiftlane door controllers work with existing door hardware, elevators, parking gates, and amenity access points.

Swiftlane mobile unlock
Swiftlane access control
Swiftlane Admin Dashboard
Swiftlane video intercom
Swiftlane virtual front desk intercom

Swiftlane Security Features

Tenants rank security as the top priority when deciding on a new lease. Swiftlane delivers reliable, convenient solutions that prioritize high security and data privacy to address critical safety issues for multifamily buildings.

  • Encrypted Communications

    TLS and HTTPS encrypted communications to secure your data.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Turn on face recognition + mobile unlock for high security areas.

  • Visual Verification

    Prevent unauthorized access through a photo-based audit trail.

  • Secure Data Handling

    Encrypted storage and secure data handling policies safeguard from unauthorized access.

  • Data Usage

    Swiftlane does not sell your data, please read our complete Privacy Policy.

  • Tailgating Detection

    Detect and prevent break-ins with automatic tailgating alerts.


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