Multifamily Case Study: The Harper

The Harper, a 40-unit luxury condo building, is located in West Hollywood, California. The community partnered with Swiftlane to implement a simple yet sophisticated access control and video intercom system to improve physical security and resident experience. Download the customer case study to learn more.

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“One of the things we love about Swiftlane is that the team has been listening, responding, and making updates. Instead of just putting an idea out there and wondering if it will change, we are actually seeing it change, which is great.”

Jim Coufal, President of the Harper West Hollywood HOA

I’m not the most tech savvy person, but the enrollment experience was very easy for me. Even if I’m not near the door, I can just buzz the delivery man in and he leaves my package inside the gate.

Resident at The Harper

“The face recognition feature for opening and closing doors was a primary driver in our decision making. Not just because it’s COVID-safe, but everyone’s phones have face ID now. It’s just a really nice feature to have.”

Jim Coufal, President of the Harper West Hollywood HOA

About The Harper

The Harper, built in 2010, is located in West Hollywood, California. The luxury building features 40 refurbished condo units situated around Ramona Court. The unique floor plans, many on two levels, boast glass walls and 17 foot ceilings for a bright, open, modern living space.

The Challenge

The Harper had many reasons to begin upgrading their physical security. Their current access system was inconvenient to maintain and operate, tenants would share the four-digit gate code leaving gaps in security, and most critically, the community had been battling problems with their parking garage gate sticking open for nearly a decade. 

“You couldn’t even call into it to program it. You had to do it at the box, and each box had to be done separately. You also had to keep track of who was in there – it was a pretty painful process,” said HOA President, Jim Coufal.

“We had problems with people giving out our 4 digit gate code. And we couldn’t see who used the code because there was no record of that. We had nothing. And it was compromising our security. Then, we would need to change it, and that would have to happen for everyone all at once.”

“Our garage door had been sticking for 10 years. And every time the door stuck open, we would have people come in off the street and break into cars. So not only did we have the expense of the garage door itself but people lost valuables and had damages to their cars from that issue. This went on for years, and we spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to fix it.”

Office access control

The Swiftlane Solution

With Swiftlane’s all-in-one access solution, tenants now have seamless control over the access their visitors have to their community via video intercom and visitor PINs.

“When a visitor makes a call to a tenant from the SwiftReader, the phone actually rings,”Jim said. It doesn’t just come in as a notification through the app, and that was a huge deal for us.

“We also put a SwiftReader on our utility electric room door down in the garage. That allows us to grant remote access to AT&T or Spectrum and give homeowners the ability to do that as well. That’s another nice solution that was solved for us. We had a fob reader system on there before. Stay away from fobs. You can’t share them. You have to maintain them. That was a real pain for us. That system didn’t work for us. So, this is much better than a fob. The fob is your face.”


Swiftlane video intercom

The Results

Swiftlane’s partnership with the Harper has made monumental improvements in the management of physical security for the community and its residents. 

“What’s important to us is to be able to see who’s coming in and out of the building and who’s abusing the PIN. I can see in the dashboard by the way the PINs are listed who is giving out the same codes for food deliveries. Since that’s a security concern, I can reach out to those users and remind them to use single passes. It helps identify trends to shape our building policies and get in front of potential security concerns,” says Jim.

Swiftlane bridged the gap in parking garage security that the Harper had been facing for years. “Now that we’ve put in a Swiftlane reader for garage access, we don’t have that issue anymore.”

Swiftlane access control for parking gates

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