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Facial Recognition Access Control

Swiftlane’s all-in-one face recognition access control systems provides high security, privacy, and convenience.

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How it Works

Watch how Swiftlane can modernize and secure your building

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Face Recognition Door Unlock

for high-rise residential, commercial and office

Swiftlane Face Recognition Access Control provides touchless door unlock by simply walking up to a door, looking at the SwiftReader, and the door unlocks

face recognition access

Over 1 billion people globally use face recognition to unlock phones — we are bringing the same seamless experience to your building access.

Saurabh, Swiftlane CEO

Face Recognition Built for High Security and Privacy

  • Advanced anti-spoofing via 2D and 3D depth data prevents unauthorized access
  • SOC II and HIPAA compliant
  • Built in the US, with strong privacy controls
  • Swiftlane is designed to protect your privacy — you own the data
  • Trusted by financial institutions, commercial buildings, startups, government offices, and more
Face recognition door access

Face Recognition User Enrollment Takes 60 Seconds

  • Eliminate the need to line people up at the door for enrollment or hand out keycards or fobs
  • Just download the app, login, and scan your face
  • Access any number of doors
  • Enroll users across all your locations instantly
face recognition enrollment

Beautiful, Modern Hardware Powered by a Cloud-Based Access Control System

  • Simple Power-over-ethernet (POE) based install
  • Works with existing electronic door locks, and building infrastructure
  • Can work independently or alongside the current key card access control system
  • Only product with a built in mobile app access that provides multiple forms of touchless access options

Automate Your Security Workflow and Compliance

Automatically enroll and revoke access to users based on their enrollment in the organization. No more security leaks. Reach your physical security compliance goals with zero effort

How Does Swiftlane Face Recognition Access Control Work?

  1. Install the SwiftReader on your building door

  2. Use the Swiftlane cloud dashboard to enroll users into your company account

  3. Configure and customize door permissions for all entrances

  4. Users download the mobile app, log in, and complete a quick face scan enrollment

  5. Experience a simple and completely touchless access experience!

Manage Your Building Remotely

Touchless Access Control + Video Intercom

Swiftlane Face Recognition Access Control Features

Face Recognition Security and Peace of Mind

One System for All Your Needs

Easy Installation and Affordable Hardware

Manage Your Building Remotely

  • Cloud-based access control software, that can be used from any browser or phone
  • Manage your building remotely, during COVID-19, with remote access management via the cloud software
  • Avoid key card management hassle and costs, and grant/revoke access from anywhere
  • Manage multiple buildings via a single system

Swiftlane Face Recognition Access Control Features


Face Unlock

Face recognition unlock provides a touchless entry option that is secure and convenient using just your face.


Mobile Unlock

Use your phone to unlock doors with just a tap. Works nearby with Bluetooth Low Energy, or from anywhere using remote unlock.


Unlock via Video Intercom

Unlock doors remotely after verifying visitors by two-way video calls from anywhere. Built in Swiftlane video intercom can be joined with CCTV to implement video surveillance.


Cloud-Based Receptionist Dashboard

Swiftlane cloud based system is designed for easy, remote management that can be done from anywhere. Easily answer audio or video intercom calls from your mobile phone or browser, and remotely grant access once you’ve verified the caller.


High Security and Privacy

Rest assured we prioritize security and data to the highest level. We’ll never sell your data and don’t require you to use face recognition. All data is encrypted and securely stored.


Manage Multiple Sites and Buildings

Easily manage one door or hundreds across multiple locations with the cloud-based dashboard.


Automatic Cloud Backup

Access entry logs stored in the cloud from anywhere on your mobile or laptop.


Visitor Management Integration

Integrate with Envoy to give a temporary access pass to visitors ahead of time.

Offices and Workplace

  • Eliminate operational costs typically associated with key fobs and key cards
  • Reduce common touch points to increase hygiene and safety
  • Easy integrations with Gsuite, OKTA, Azure Active Directory, and Envoy
  • Ensure high security for data with our SOC II audited system
  • Full cloud based access control that’s managed from anywhere
  • Easily & securely manage visitors through the video intercom system

High-Rise Residential

  • Eliminate operational costs typically associated with key fobs
  • Provide touchless entry for your tenants and visitors
  • Beautiful design that creates a modern feel for your building
  • Handle visitor passes, visitor check-in, and send temporary access codes to streamline your workflow, and reduce constant operational burden around visitor management
  • Integrates with parking systems

Multi-Tenant Commercial Buildings

  • Swiftlane simplifies access management to common areas, lobby doors, turnstiles, and elevators
  • Modular installation that can install easily on a single tenant suite or on every floor and suite
  • Works with existing building infrastructure like electronic door locks and ethernet wires
  • Provide a state-of-the-art access experience to your tenants

Designed for Scalability

  • Multiple Admins and Receptionists

    Configure multiple admins and receptionists, in order to provide detailed coverage for large sites, or redundancy in case one person is busy

  • Multiple Doors and Sites

    Every building is different, and our system can scale to your needs. Swiftlane intercom dashboard allows configuring multiple entrances, and all of them can be managed centrally from the same system

  • Scales for One Door to Hundreds

    Swiftlane’s cloud based system is designed for scalability, with constant over the air updates to provide new up to date features

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Typically, a Swiftlane installation takes between a few hours to a day for most buildings.


At its most basic, facial recognition involves identifying or verifying someone using characteristics and features of their face. Read more about how facial recognition works, the benefits of this technology, and more.

No. Swiftlane provides access via the Swiftlane mobile app or face recognition, so face recognition is optional.

No. Swiftlane face recognition runs anti-spoofing via 2D and 3D data of the face, and prevents attempts to get in with just a photo or video of a person.

Your data is stored securely on our servers with strong restrictions to access it. We never sell data and ensure all data is sent via encrypted communication and securely stored with the highest privacy and security.

Key cards can be cloned with a cheap cloner, and are easily lost or stolen. Also, key cards cannot verify who is carrying the card. Swiftlane Face Recognition verifies the person that is trying to gain access, and also ensures that only authorized users are allowed access.

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