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PIN Access for Visitors and Deliveries

Swiftlane PIN access ensures seamless management for visitors and deliveries at multifamily buildings and offices. PINs are easily managed via Swiftlane’s cloud-based dashboard and mobile app.

  • Single-use and multi-use PINs
  • Unique PINs for building tenants
  • Assign PINs directly from Swiftlane app
  • Photo audit log
  • Eliminate need for keys, badges & fobs
  • Send PINs via email and text
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SwiftReader PIN access

Secure Temporary Visitor and Delivery Access

PIN access ensures visitor and delivery management is easy and secure for building tenants and property managers. The ease and convenience of PIN access allows building admins to manager user access from anywhere via Swiftlane’s cloud-based dashboard and mobile app.

Benefits for Property Managers and Admins

  • Issue single-use PINs that expire after 5 minutes for secure visitor access
  • Multi-use PINs can be scheduled during a designated timeframe to manage access for cleaning staff, contractors, maintenance teams, and more
  • Handle deliveries and visitors remotely without needing to be onsite to grant access
  • Detailed visitor photo log shows all access activity

Benefits for Residents

  • Unique resident PINs can be used as another secure access method
  • Multi-use PINs can be scheduled during a designated timeframe to manage access for recurring visitors like cleaning staff and dog walkers
  • Eliminate need to carry keys, fobs or even a mobile phone
  • Easily assign PINs to visitors using the Swiftlane mobile app

Benefits for Visitors

  • Visitors receive detailed access instructions via email or text prior to arrival
  • Eliminates the burden of signing in at a front desk to get a visitor pass or badge
  • Recurring visitors don’t need to remember a key card or fob for building access
Swiftlane access control

SwiftReader Hardware Features

The SwiftReader combines multiple forms of access control and video intercom into a single device, and offers the smartest, most secure way to access any multifamily apartment building or office. Utilize various access methods with just one device.

  • Robust metal enclosure
  • Slick, matte dark gray finish
  • Weatherproof and water-resistant design
  • Simple, one wire Power over Ethernet install
  • Quick installation process
  • IK07 impact rated for vandal resistance
  • Strong, secure aluminum body with vandal-proof design
  • Sun shade options for outdoor units with water-resistant enclosure
  • Additional theft and vandal protection insurance available

Find the Right Solution for Your Building

Multifamily Residential

Reliable visitor access solution for mid- to high-rise residential buildings, apartment complexes, and multifamily communities

Office and Enterprise

Modern, convenient office access solution to safely and securely manage visitors, deliveries, packages, and other vendors.

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