Mobile Access Control

Swiftlane mobile access provides a modern, reliable, and seamless access control experience for buildings. Unlock doors via your mobile phone using the Swiftlane iOS or Android app.

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Reliable and Secure Mobile Unlock

  • Mobile Unlock delivers a reliable, seamless experience every single time
  • Bluetooth Low Energy and Cellular Connection offers multiple forms of connectivity for mobile unlock
  • Encrypted signals for high security
  • Efficient operating system won’t drain the battery

Unlock Doors With Your Phone

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Onboard New Users Instantly

Admins can instantly add or remove users remotely. By accessing the Swiftlane Cloud-Based Dashboard on mobile or desktop, an admin can send an invite to a user via email and eliminate the need to exchange key cards in person.

All-in-One Access Control Solution

Avoid the cost of buying and installing two different systems for access control and intercom. Swiftlane intercom comes built in with touchless access control using your mobile phone or face unlock.

  • Encrypted Unlock

    Unlike key cards that can be cloned easily, Swiftlane mobile unlock is encrypted and cannot be cloned

  • Real-Time Activity Feed

    Manage access to multiple workplaces or buildings directly from your mobile phone

  • Revoke Access Remotely

    Enroll users from your browser or mobile phone without making a trip to the server room

Complete Cloud Access Control Platform

that updates every access point in real time

Automate access grants via integrations with OKTA, G Suite, Azure Active Directory, Envoy
Easy management of access from anywhere
Camera integration built into the SwiftReader
SOC II and HIPAA certified Cloud-Based Access Control System

Touchless Unlock for Your Doors

  • Avoid giving out keys and key cards in person
  • No more touching PIN pads or readers
  • Simply use the Swiftlane app to perform a touch-free unlock using the mobile app

5 Reasons to Switch to Mobile App Access Control

  1. Eliminate ongoing cost of creating and managing new keys and cards

  2. Improve security with a encrypted and more secure access format

  3. Increase convenience for users to just use their phone for door entry

  4. Grant access remotely without needing to exchange keys or key cards in person

  5. Better COVID-19 safety with touchless, germ-free form of access control

All-In-One Access Control System

Swiftlane’s unique system provides mobile unlock as well as face recognition and video intercom access built into the same system.

  • No more getting locked out due to drained battery
  • Provide PIN or face unlock to users without a smartphone

Built for Strong Data Privacy and High Security

Annual pen tests

Integrations Help Streamline Operations

  • Send temporary access to visitors via the Envoy integration
  • Automatically pull users from G Suite, OKTA, Azure Active Directory, One Login, and many more!

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