Door Controller 5.1

Swiftlane DCU is a cloud-connected access control system that connects to the existing doors and provides you with complete control over your building. DCU 5.1 is primarily designed to support up to four entrances.

  • Supports 4 x door relays
  • Works with turnstiles
  • Dynamic access schedules
  • Supports 4 SwiftReaders
  • Fire alarm inputs
  • Door Unlock Schedule
  • Supports 2 Weigand Readers
  • Cloud-based user management
  • Request to Exit and motion sensor support
  • Supports vestibule doors
  • 4 x door positioning sensors
  • Fused door lock control to avoid short circuits
  • Works with Elevators
  • UL94 Compliant
  • Works with parking gates
  • FCC, CE, RoHS
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Traditional Access Control Panels Are Expensive and Cumbersome to Install

  • Significant installation costs to work on bloated access control panels and software interfaces

  • Bulky access control panels with local programming for every feature

  • Complex access control software provisioning required

  • Steep technical learning curve for installs

Swiftlane Door Controller 5.1 Features


Simple Ethernet Based Install

  • Installs with just an ethernet connection and 12-24V power input
  • Works with existing power supplies like Altronix and Life Safety Power
  • UL94 compliant and firm alarm inputs for safety

Zero Software Provisioning

Device performs auto provisioning in the cloud, handled by Swiftlane. No need to spend several days of on site software provisioning. Eliminate expensive and complicated software provisioning for your access control system


Low Install Cost

  • Swiftlane Door Controller board has a small form factor
  • Eliminate bulky and complex access control installations
  • Significant cost savings on installs

Works With Existing Infrastructure

  • Works with all electrified door locks
  • Utilize existing power supply and ethernet switches
  • Works with existing parking gates, turnstiles, and elevators

Reliable Power and Internet Connectivity

  • Battery backups
  • Multiple cellular + ethernet connectivity options
  • Automatic data backups in the cloud

Enable Multiple Forms of Access Control

  • Face recognition door access
  • Mobile app access
  • Pin based access

Remote Unlock: Never Have People Locked Out Again

  • Remotely unlock doors via the Swiftlane mobile app or dashboard
  • Swiftlane Door Controller’s Remote Unlock capabilities allow you to remotely open doors for anyone, even when you are not present in the building

Over the Air Updates

Future proof your investment, by getting the latest features and updates

  • Automatically receive latest feature updates
  • Avoid long downtimes related to on-premise access control servers

Remote Monitoring

That Improves Reliability

  • Faster Turnaround and Recovery

    Ensure high uptime and better experience due to remote debugging, avoiding delays in in-person support

  • Real-Time Alerting

    Get alerted in real time when issues happen

  • Debug Issues Remotely

    Cloud based system that allows debugging and fixing issues remotely

Swiftlane Install Diagram

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