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Swiftlane Hardware

Swiftlane hardware is designed to work with existing electronic door locks, simple low voltage ethernet and power-over-ethernet (POE) based wiring, and minimize labor costs and complexity.

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  • SwiftReaders combine touchless forms of access control into one system: face + mobile + PIN unlock
  • SwiftReaders include built in video intercom for secure, remote visitor management and package delivery.
  • Compact hardware that is easily mountable with a 7.75″ design with robust metal enclosure in matte, dark gray finish.
  • SwiftReader is IK07 rated for impact protection.
  • Optional sunshade enclosure available to protect from extreme temperatures and vandalism.
Sunshade enclosure on SwiftReader

SwiftReader X

SwiftReader X is designed to provide a visually stunning and intuitive video intercom and access control experience. It brings a number of innovative new features to provide a fully customizable solution for occupant and visitor access control in condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, gated communities, and industrial buildings.

SwiftReader X

Door Controller 5.2 (SL-DCU-5.2):

Swiftlane DCU is a cloud-connected access control system that connects to the existing doors and provides you with complete control over your building. Swiftlane Door Controller 5.2 provides access for up to 4 doors.

Swiftlane door controller hardware 5.1

Power Supplies

Swiftlane power supply kits, powered by Altronix, provide flexible, reliable and pre-wired power supply options for your security installations. Swiftlane power supply kits provide 4 door and 12 door enclosure kits and can support horizontal scalability for additional doors. 

Trove2 Enclosure

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