Swiftlane Face Recognition Door Access Control Overview

Face Recognition

Our world is becoming more and more touchless every day, with an increasing demand to swap hands-on technology for hands-free solutions like face recognition. Although privacy concerns around facial recognition still exist, enabling a touchless access control experience is safer and more secure than ever. Swiftlane’s modern cloud-based access control system showcases cutting-edge face recognition technology to enable touchless experiences for every door and building. By prioritizing user experience, high privacy and security, and future-proof technology, Swiftlane’s access control system allows for access using just your face.

Read on to learn more about touchless access, installation, user onboarding, hardware, and cloud-based access control.

Touchless Door Access Experience

Swiftlane’s completely touchless access control experience allows for users to simply walk up to a door, look at the SwiftReader device, and the door unlocks. It’s simple, intuitive, and secure. Check out the video below to see the Swiftlane face recognition access control experience.

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Swiftlane Face Recognition Installation

SwiftReaders install with a single Power Over Ethernet wire, which ensures quick, cost effective, and fast installation. This uses existing ethernet based cabling inside the building, reducing cabling costs.

SwiftReaders install at a camera height of around 5 feet, and have a long vertical field of view that provides great coverage for people of various heights.

For people with disabilities, SwiftReaders come built in with mobile access control, so anyone in a wheelchair can simply use the Swiftlane mobile app to unlock doors.

Easy User Self-Enrollment

Swiftlane provides the industry’s fastest enrollment process. Other systems require lining users in front of a reader in order to enroll them one by one. Swiftlane provides a mobile app for self-enrollment that can be done in 60 seconds.

  • Admins send an invite you to download the app via email
  • You download the app and login with your email
  • Scan your face directly via the app
  • That’s it, you can start using face recognition door access everywhere
face recognition enrollment

Face Recognition Door Access Control Hardware

SwiftReader Hardware Device

SwiftReaders are sleek and beautiful and provide a modern access control experience

Anti-Spoofing Protection Against Photo and Video Access Attempts

Swiftlane comes built in with security against photos and videos. SwiftReaders check the 2D and 3D depth data of a face, as well as several other factors. The Swiftlane deep learning algorithms checks against this data and prevent’s people from getting in by holding a photo of a person

Cost Effective Access Control System

Unlike most facial recognition access companies in the market that cost upwards of $10,000 per reader, Swiftlane is far more affordable and a Swiftlane system costs the same price point as installing a key card based system. Please reach out to Swiftlane for a quote for your requirements.

Enable High Security For Every Building

Face Recognition Access Control is not only more convenient but also very secure compared to key card based systems

  • SwiftReaders perform 2D and 3D check against the face, to ensure that it’s a real person
  • Face recognition access control checks the person themselves (who they are), not a key card (what they carry), or a PIN Code (what they know). This is more secure because key cards can be cloned easily with cheap cloners and pins can be shared
  • Swiftlane Face Recognition comes with a built-in camera so you can see full audit logs of who is coming in and out, without relying on watching separate camera feeds or video surveillance integrations

Cloud Based Access Control

Swiftlane is a complete cloud based access control system not just a reader. This means you can manage access for users easily from anywhere, from your browser or phone.

  • Manage access remotely
  • Grant/revoke access instantly
  • Integrate with Single sign on systems like OKTA, G Suite, and Azure Active Directory to automatically pull users into the system
  • Create detailed access levels and permission sets
  • Get real-time reporting and auditing
  • Create high security and peace of mind for your users

Privacy and Data Security

Swiftlane is a SOC 2 certified access control system. We perform annual penetration testing and take privacy and data security very seriously. Swiftlane encrypts traffic between devices and securely stores all the data to prevent any unauthorized access.

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