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Aiphone Intercom Review, Pricing, and Comparison

Established in 1970, Aiphone is one of the most respected brands of security communication systems. This is a review of the various Aiphone Intercom product offerings and models. Learn how to distinguish between Series models and find the best solution for your building from Aiphone product overviews and a side-by-side comparison of key intercom features.

Aiphone IX Series (Peer to Peer Intercom)

Aiphone IXG Series (Multi-Tenant Video Intercom)

Aiphone JO Series (Video Intercom with Mobile App Capability)

Aiphone GT Series (Multi-Tenant Security Intercom)

Aiphone Vs. Swiftlane Video Intercom

Aiphone offers several different end-user specific products. To navigate which system will be right for your video intercom needs, we have reviewed their system and compared it to Swiftlane Video Intercom for a comprehensive look at all the industry offerings.

Aiphone Video IntercomSwiftlane Video Intercom
ProgrammingJO Series: on-site; IXG Series: remoteCloud-based management
Outdoor HardwareWall mount stationSwiftReader
Interior HardwareHardwired master stationNone
Incoming CallsInterior master station or any mobile device with mobile appAny device with Swiftlane app
Directory Touchscreen directory with IXG Series onlyOn-screen via Swiftlane app
Access ControlNot availableBuilt-in mobile and face recognition credentials
Door RelayRemote via mobile appRemote via Swiftlane app
VideoOne-way videoTwo-way video calling
Temporary AccessNot availableTemporary digital pin codes available

Aiphone intercoms are reliable intercom devices, but they lack the capacity to offer an all-in-one access experience with the absence of access control functionality.

Should you be looking for a more inclusive, all-in-one solution, watch how Swiftlane is redefining the way buildings are approaching visitor management.

For more reviews and comparisons of apartment intercom systems, visit the best video intercom systems guide.

Aiphone IX Series (Peer to Peer Intercom)


Capacity: 5000+ door stations and 5000+ master stations

Software: The IX-MV master station is the system’s hub that connects with video door stations using VoIP protocols.

Hardware: The master station connects directly to your network using CAT-5e/6 cable and can communicate with any other IX Series station using its IP address. 

SIP Compatibility: The SIP enabled models in the IX series can dial outside to a direct phone line.

Access Control and Emergencies: Master stations serve a dual role as a point of command for controlling physical access and making emergency announcements.

Compatibility: The IX Series can work with legacy systems such as key cards as well as with modern IP cameras, video management systems, NVRs, and Android and iOS mobile devices.

PC Programmability: IX-Soft PC Master Station Software installs on a Windows based computer and turns it into a feature-rich video intercom master station. Video feed from door stations and CCTV cameras can be viewed and recorded.

Receptionist Mode: The system has a Receptionist Mode to assist visitors in the lobby when the front desk staff is not around.

Interactive Map: The interface allows administrators to easily select video stations by clicking or dragging on an interactive map.

Fault Detection: The IX-Soft features system-wide line supervision and device check to ensure that all stations are online and every button, station speaker, camera, and microphone are working properly.

CCTV Integration: The IX Series offers plug & play integration with popular third-party CCTV cameras.

IX Mobile: Available for both Android and iOS. It allows users to receive calls, with two-way audio and live video and also enables them to lock and unlock doors remotely.

Aiphone IX Series Pricing

  • Aiphone IX-MV Master Station (baseline model): $1636
  • Aiphone IX-DA IP Video Door Station (surface mount): $1098
  • The software has a one time per PC license fee that Aiphone doesn’t reveal on its website

Aiphone IXG Series (Multi-Tenant Video Intercom) 


Capacity: 9,999 devices and apps including physical stations, gateways, and lift control adaptors

Hardware: PoE stations. Touchscreen entrance with digital keypad for station calling or search directory.

Remote Functionality: Cloud-based app. Updates can be made remotely.

Compatibility: IX series


  • Extensive storage and device capacity
  • Remote functionality, including updates and door unlock capability


  • One-way video intercom restricts visitor engagement at the door
  • Hardwired in-unit stations are time consuming and expensive to deploy, particularly with buildings who host many tenants

Aiphone JO Series (Video Intercom with Mobile App Capability)


Capacity: Up to 2 doors, 2 monitors, and 8 mobile devices

IP Video Doorbell: Users can answer calls, see the person at the door, and unlock remotely from a hardwired internal master station or from a mobile app while they’re on the go.

Hardware: The master station installs on two wires and has a 7” touch screen display for answering calls and unlocking the door. The on-site monitor can communicate with visitors even if the internet is down or slow. The door station sends a chime with an image to the interior master station, which can relay it automatically to configured iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Recording and Storage: Aiphone JO Series master station stores up to 10 recordings on built-in memory, which can be expanded by using a Micro SD card. You can watch all visitor recordings within the app even if you miss a call.

Aiphone JO Series Pricing

  • JO-1MDW master station with mobile app functionality: ~$704
  • Single JO-DV video door station: $389
  • There’s no storage or software cost


  • Compact and reliable outdoor and master stations
  • Configured with mobile devices


  • Restricted scalability with only 2 doors, monitors, and 8 mobile device connections
  • Limited visitor engagement at the door without two-way video

Aiphone GT Series (Multi-Tenant Security Intercom)

Capacity: 5 entrance stations, 2 video guard stations, and 48 tenant stations

Hardware: Door stations have a digital directory or individual call buttons for different apartments. Built-in PTZ cameras that can be monitored from a guard station.

Security: The guard station can receive and forward calls to tenants and offer an additional layer of security and privacy. 

Programming: On-site, software-based programming. Directory revisions can be made on-site via NFC.

Scalability: Ability to connect multiple sites over the same network for centralized security

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