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Brivo Access Control: Review, Pricing, and Comparison

In this review, you’ll find an in-depth look at Brivo Access Control, including key features and system pricing. With a comprehensive review of advantages and setbacks, you’ll be able to evaluate your building’s needs and choose the right solution.

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About Brivo

Founded in 1998, Brivo was the first to introduce cloud-based access control to the physical security market.

The new system became a runaway success, reaching more than ten million users and 100,000 access points by 2015.  In the same year, Brivo was acquired by Dean Drako, the President and CEO of Eagle Eye Network. The acquisition allowed Brivo to add cloud-based video surveillance to its access control and security system.

Brivo acquired Parakeet in 2020, venturing into the vacation rental automation and management market.

Brivo OnAir

Brivo OnAir, the company’s latest access control system, is a mobile and browser based system that comes with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a modern cloud-based solution.

Brivo + Eagle Eye

Brivo Access Control and Eagle Eye Video Surveillance have a tight integration between their platforms. This provides a seamless access control and video surveillance experience to the end customers.

Brivo Access Control Product Overview

Brivo Access Control allows users to manage secure access and monitor the building using a single integrated platform. Admins can grant or revoke authorization, create schedules, monitor real-time or recorded video footage, and view reports through the Brivo Mobile Pass app or a browser-based dashboard. Users can unlock doors by tapping a button on the App or using Siri voice commands.

Brivo Hardware

The access system hardware includes:

  • PIN, RFID, and HID card readers
  • Door controllers
  • Wired or wireless electric locks

The video surveillance system uses Brivo’s range of security cameras. Brivo is closely focused on cyber security and boasts multiple certifications including SOC II, CSA Star, Privacy Shield for GDPR, PCI DSS and Veracode.

Brivo Mobile Pass

Using the Brivo Mobile Pass app, administrators can assign Mobile Passes to different smartphones. A Mobile Pass is valid for any number of doors, for a fixed or indefinite number of days. It works like a physical badge or card except the credentials are authenticated by syncing the phone with the cloud over the internet. Brivo Mobile Pass uses Bluetooth-based geofencing with its readers to mitigate potential security risks, as well.

Key Features

  • Unlock with Brivo Mobile Pass: Users can unlock the door that is nearest to them by using the Brivo app. The app can be customized by saving favorite doors, and Siri voice command can also be used to trigger a door unlock.
  • Monitor the Facility Remotely: Tight integration between access control and video surveillance is Brivo’s strongest feature. Users can connect door events with video and view live or recorded footage through mobile app and browser interfaces.
  • Manage Permissions from Anywhere: User access can also be added, removed, granted, or revoked remotely, from anywhere.
  • Automate and Facilitate Visitor Access: Users can create visitor schedules to automate guest sign in and sign out. Brivo Visitor can notify employees when visitors arrive and leave and can even print visitor badges. The video surveillance system allows managers to monitor visitors while they’re on site.
  • Integrate with other Apps: Developers can use Brivo API to create new security and management solutions by integrating Brivo with third part solutions like Envoy Visitor Management, Azure AD and Okta identity management, G Suite and more. Brivo API costs $300/month.
  • Integrate with Video Intercom: Brivo integrates with 2N IP Verso for video intercom functionality.
  • Integrate with Video Recording: Brivo Video integrates with on-site DVR/NVR and a limited number of Axis cameras for video recording.
  • Elevator Access: Brivo uses the third party app, Braxos, to for authorized elevator access.
  • COVID Safety Features: Brivo now offers facility safety features for contact tracing, personnel control and remote health checks for health-conscious access.

Brivo Pricing: How Much Does Brivo Cost?

Brivo offers pay as you go pricing with an initial hardware cost ranging from ~$900 to ~$1200 per door.

Basic Brivo Access Control has a fee of $15 per door per month.

Video surveillance can cost $40 per camera per month.

A single Mobile Pass costs around 15 cents.  

The monthly subscription can vary based on the services.

Brivo Access Control Review


  • Strong focus on digital security and 20 years of industry experience
  • Many integration options for both software and hardware make the system extremely customizable and flexible
  • Direct camera-to-cloud video recording and storage
  • Reader has multiple form factors to suite different spaces


  • Inconsistent support from controllers for Brivo Mobile Pass
  • Brivo is built on third party OEM hardware, which relies on HID’s mobile unlock
  • Though Brivo offers plenty of integration options, it lacks proprietary functionalities which can create barriers for troubleshooting

Brivo Access Control vs. Swiftlane Access Control

Brivo is a strong leader in physical security and cloud-based solutions. Their access control system is a feature rich, cost-effective solution for commercial or residential buildings looking to migrate from a traditional access control system to a modern, cloud-based system.

Notably, their recent acquisition of Parakeet reflects an expansion to the vacation rental space. The demonstrates a forward-thinking company with a vision for better security for everyone.

Conversely, Brivo’s hardware is limiting. Brivo uses other manufacturers to produce their hardware, which restricts visibility, quality assurance, flexibility, and growth. This can be seen in their quick fix to touchless tech adoption via Siri voice control. Alternatively, Swiftlane Access Control is a completely proprietary technology.

Swiftlane has the freedom to work with end users as partners, as opposed to just acting as a vendor. Without the restriction from third party manufacturers, Swiftlane Access Control has the discretion to upgrade and update hardware to meet evolving consumer preferences, while streamlining productivity and management.

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