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How Technology Helps Property Managers Increase Tenant Experience and Retention

Competition within the rental industry is incredibly steep. Property managers are tasked with the responsibility of keeping up with the latest solutions to meet the needs of their tenants but also align with their own business needs. Recent innovations in technology for multi-tenant residential buildings are taking on an evergreen nature, making property management a more resilient venture. 

The best solutions are those that give tenants peace of mind, offer convenient solutions, and make them feel like they are a priority to property managers. In a post-pandemic world, solutions and technology that prioritizes health and safety as well as touchless options are critical. Health-conscious solutions with high security and flexibility will prompt higher occupancy rates, tenant satisfaction, and overall business success. Below, we discuss how property managers can utilize access control, visitor management systems, and COVID-19 solutions to increase tenant experience and retention. 

Benefits of Access Control Technologies  

Advances in technology have skyrocketed, but physical security has yet to capitalize on the best solutions available. Innovations in access control technologies are proving to be critical for residential building security strategy that solves the biggest challenges and pain points for property managers. 

Centrally Manage Multiple Sites

Technology that is hosted in off-site servers — aka the cloud —  allow property managers to control authorized permissions remotely and instantly from anywhere. A cloud-hosted door entry system is also able to handle permissions for multiple buildings, as many property managers are responsible for many sites and buildings. With the cloud, maintenance and software updates are easy and automatic and don’t require extra time and money.

Mobile and Face Unlock

Physical security implemented by security guards or front desk staff can be expensive and prone to human error. The traditional access methods such as key cards and fobs are easily lost, forgotten, stolen, and surprisingly simple to duplicate. Access control software that is hosted on a server within the building is also inconvenient for those property managers who own or operate multiple properties. 

The new innovations in door entry systems don’t just prioritize the property managers, but they also ensure tenants have a convenient, secure experience. With the ability to use a mobile phone or face recognition unlock for access to the building, common areas, or residence, tenants don’t need to worry about carrying physical keys or — more importantly — needing to touch high-use surfaces that increase the spread of germs. 

Grant or Revoke Access Remotely

When a tenant moves out in a multi-tenant building, getting back key cards or changing locks can be a challenge.

  • Most key cards systems run inside the building only, which means you would need to go into to the building to revoke the card or fob access
  • You would need to arrange for the pickup of the card from the tenant, or pay for additional cards instead
  • You incur costs for shipping those cards back to the property manager or leasing office

Remote Door Unlock

In a remote first world, it’s critical to be able to securely manage access from anywhere, without needing to be on-site at the building. A cloud-based system that allows for easy remote management will help keep property managers, tenants, and visitors safe. Remote door unlock also allows tenants to manage visitors and deliveries from anywhere straight from their mobile phone or browser.

Best Video Intercom Systems for Apartments

This guide will walk you through important considerations for residential video intercom systems, flush out key features and review the best video intercom systems on the market so you can pick the right solution for your residential building.

Why Visitor Management Systems Are Important

Visitor management is one of the biggest challenges for keeping buildings safe and secure. Theft, vandalism, and other threats increase when unauthorized entry is an ongoing issue. Traditional visitor management systems involve front desk staff, paper sign-ins, doormen, or two-way audio buzzers, but in an increasingly touchless world, video intercom is reimagining how we safely enter buildings with a smarter visitor management solution.

Video Intercom Systems

A visitor management system with video intercom capability allows tenants to visually identify their visitors before granting access. These systems also let tenants remotely open doors to secure, verified visitors from their mobile phone, browser, or tablet — from anywhere. This is convenient, intuitive, and much more secure than traditional methods. In addition, it provides a health-conscious solution to access control with socially distant security that allows for contactless deliveries. This seamless approach to door access is the modern tenant experience that property managers should be paying attention to. 

Video intercom systems with door buzzers also make life easier for property managers and building owners. With remote access capabilities, they too can grant authorized access to maintenance staff, cleaning personnel, delivery vendors, etc. This saves them time and money on overhead costs associated with legacy systems and physical staff. The best video intercom systems for apartment buildings incorporate this level of security, flexibility, and intuitive technology. 

Top 6 Benefits of Video Intercom Systems for Apartments

  1. Safe, secure package deliveries
  2. Manage visitors and tenants from anywhere
  3. Front desk and admin support
  4. Frictionless communication with property managers and staff
  5. Remote door unlock via mobile or desktop
  6. Single-use visitor pins and temporary access capability

Post-COVID Demand for Smart Buildings

Now, because of COVID-19, health and safety solutions are critical for buildings and facilities. Since the pandemic, the insecurities of outdated access control technology and systems have increasingly become a concern. In order to increase safety and mitigate the current health crisis, touchless access control technology is taking the lead not only in security but in physical health as well. 

The concept of smart buildings has been around for a long time, but it’s gaining in demand because of the current environment. Current trends in access control show a huge increase in the demand for touchless and contactless solutions across all industries including workplaces and residences. Ultimately, implementing new access control technologies can lead to satisfied tenants, increased tenancy rates, and decreased turnover. 


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