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10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Apartment Video Intercom and Visitor Management System

For years, residential buildings have seen a shift in how they manage visitors. Long gone is the age of pen-and-paper sign-in sheets, lobby check-ins, and receptionists greeting every visitor. Even the use of key cards for apartment tenants is becoming obsolete. 

Landlords and property managers are looking for better security and more convenience for themselves and their residents. One way to achieve this is to upgrade visitor management solutions with an all-in-one video intercom system.

1. Increase Physical Security and Surveillance

Security incidents can damage the reputation of your building and negatively impact tenancy levels. A multi unit video intercom system works very well with surveillance procedures, which not only increases tenant safety but also generates confidence in building supervision to care for and protect their home. 

2. Remote Access and Video Communication

Video intercom systems for apartments streamline communication in multi-tenant properties. With remote access control capabilities, tenants have the ability to welcome their visitors from anywhere. Video intercom provides visual verification  to residents and then allows them to seamlessly grant their visitor access. 

3. Grant Access For Deliveries

We all know someone, if we are not that someone ourselves, who has had a package stolen from their front porch or lobby because it was delivered midday in the middle of the week. An apartment intercom system with door release capabilities allows you to be at home to receive packages, even when you’re not. 

4. Secure Access Points 

Video intercom systems for apartments allow the facility to customize access at every security point, such as the mail room or the gym. Every door can require credentials for entry, which puts control back in the property manager’s hand and ultimately makes for a safer place to live.   

5. Scale Visitor Management 

Scaling visitor management by implementing video intercom systems allows the property manager to efficiently ramp up security throughout one or many buildings. Cloud-based systems make it easy to manage multiple functions for multiple locations on one platform. Security requires transparency, and video intercom offers the most transparent access log to date. 

6. Emergency Preparedness 

Property managers have the responsibility of every occupant in their building, should there be an emergency. Video intercom systems allow property managers to know exactly who is in their building, at what time and which tenant they are there to visit. Video intercom dutifully integrates accountability into visitor management. 

7. Increase Property Resilience

A resilient intercom system can differentiate between continuity of normal operation and a costly interruption subject to security interference. Frictionless solutions that will withstand the test of time are those that cater to the health and convenience of their users while maximizing safety. Consequently, this decreases interruption of normal operations and decreases risk of opportunistic threats. 

8. Improve Tenant Retention — and Peace of Mind

According to the NAA, a single apartment turn can cost up to $5000. Suffice it to say, tenant retention is important. Many buildings use remote monitoring or on-site security officers to maintain security. Camera intercom systems increase the efficiency of these security safeguards. It is easy for a security officer or building manager to communicate to anyone within the property and respond to security challenges as they come. Intercom systems give tenants more control by allowing them to admit or refuse visitors. The resulting safe environment and added convenience serves to improve tenant retention in your building.  

9. Decrease Ongoing Costs

Modern systems provide the ability to manage access remotely via unique pins or mobile access, which means no need to copy new keys and run around hardware shops. You do not run the risk of cloned keys or key fobs because you can provide secure mobile and pin based access to tenants. This means no costs around rekeying doors when tenants leave. Handle visitors across many doors and buildings via a central cloud based intercom system, reducing the operating costs.

10. Elevated Tenant Experience

Improvements to visitor and delivery management can significantly reduce the stress on tenants around secure package management and improve tenant satisfaction significantly. Moreover, most modern systems install at the same price point of older legacy systems and do not cost more than a cup of coffee per month in subscription fees per tenant. 

How Do I Know What Apartment Video Intercom System to Buy?  

Multi unit video intercom systems come in all shapes and sizes. Some are equipped with advanced features such as face recognition while others simply provide audio calls and video doorbell capabilities. Your building’s specific security needs should inform the choice of the system. Reference our Video Intercom Systems for Apartments Buyer’s Guide for guidance on the right system for your building, and the Best Video Intercom Systems for Apartments Comparison for the top picks on the market to choose from.