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Top Amenities for Multifamily Buildings in 2022

The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) recently released their 2022 Renter Preferences Survey Report. Over 221,000 renters weighed in on the amenities they want in their communities. Based on the results and overall renter trends, we have put together the top amenities for multifamily buildings in 2022. 

1. Property-Wide Smart Access

Controlled access to the community, property amenities and parking is a necessity for renters. 28% of renters will not rent at a property without controlled access parking and 20% will not rent without controlled property and amenity access. Overall security is a primary concern, and as physical security technology advances, residents are demanding and expecting it as part of their environment. 

For renters, smart access is flexible, streamlined entry to the property for themselves and their visitors while still maintaining the highest level of security. This includes two-factor authentication for property access such as mobile unlock or biometric credentials. Video intercom and remote unlock allows residents to visually verify and grant access from anywhere, and scheduling PIN access or generating one-time guest access is the convenient visitor management that residents want. 

2. Video Intercom

While a video intercom system is a function of property-wide smart access, residents are asking for this solution specifically. According to NMHC, 48% of residents are interested in having a video intercom system at the main entrance of their property and would be willing to pay an average of $33 extra per month for it. The renter’s survey even indicated that 5% of residents, which is approximately 11,050 respondents, would not rent without a video intercom at the front entrance of the property.  

3. Secure, Self-Service 24/7 Package Access

Residents are ordering more packages than ever before, so package management is a growing priority when it comes to amenities. 

4. Property Dog Park

The remote and hybrid work movement had prompted a ripple effect placing a much higher priority on pet-friendly buildings and amenities. Private property dog parks add an enhanced sense of community, green space, and most importantly convenience for residents and their pets. On average, residents are willing to pay between $35 – $40 per month for pet-friendly amenities such as on-site pet services, private dog parks, and dog-washing stations. 

5. Rooftop Space

Outdoor space in general is growing as a necessary amenity for renters. Rooftop space grants renters the freedom to enjoy the privacy and security of their building while still enjoying the outdoors. 

6. Fitness Centers

According to NMHC, 21% of renters consider on-site fitness centers a necessity and are willing to pay an additional $40 per month for this amenity. Swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas are typically included as part of or near these fitness centers and also have considerable interest from residents with 73% interested in a swimming pool and 53% interested in hot tubs and saunas. 

7. Reliable Cell Reception

When it comes to renter preferences, the community amenity with the highest amount of interest was reliable cell reception. Of the 86% of survey respondents interested in reliable cell reception, 38% said it was a necessity. The average amount that interested renters would be willing to pay for such an amenity is an additional $42.78 per month. While touring the rental property, nearly half of the surveyed renters check the connectivity of their mobile phones to gauge signal strength. 

8. Property-Wide Wi-Fi

As with reliable cell reception, property-wide wifi is growing in popularity due to the necessity of connectivity. Residents need to connect to wifi in order to print in business centers, stream movies and tv in community rooms and theaters, maintain a reliable connection in meeting and conference rooms, listen to music in fitness centers, and more. 

Similarly, as an in-unit amenity, 62% of renters were interested in pre-installed wifi. Upon move-in, 48% of renters said it was absolutely essential to have internet service immediately, while 35% said it was very important. 

9. Property-Wide Recycling and Specialty Recycling Programs

Multifamily properties are beginning to adopt ESG strategies and programs, which has become a popular initiative with residents. 69% of surveyed residents were interested in a property-wide recycling program, and another 56% indicated that they were interested in a specialty recycling program. Altogether, 17% of residents consider these programs a necessity to rent. 

10. Electric Car-Charging Station

Of the community amenities surveyed, only a handful had seen an increase in interest from 2020 to 2021. One of those was an interest in on-site electric car-charging stations. Electric vehicles are coming in hot to the multifamily space. With many jurisdictions and car-makers committing to increasing or solely using and producing electric vehicles, this added amenity to buildings will be a growing trend over the coming decade.

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