New Swiftlane awarded Best Wired Access Control Product 2020 by SIA

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Generating MP4's Using opencv-python With the AVC1 Codec

This article is about a rabbit-hole I recently went down, no there will not be any Mad Hatters or talking cats, just video codecs and build flags. The task I was trying to complete seemed simple enough: Use OpenCV to generate a working MP4 video by concatenating frames.

Narek Amirbekian | June 24th, 2020

Using an IDE [PyCharm] With GCP AI-Notebooks

GCP AI-Notebooks provides an environment for prototyping and iterating over experimental code through JupyterLab, however, after many iterations you will build up many reusable components. You may also have to build larger components and find that Jupyter is not the best environment for creating frameworks. IDE's like PyCharm give you automatic linting, style checking, refactoring fucntionality, and other tooling. This post describes an approach that will give you the best of these worlds.

Narek Amirbekian | March 25th, 2020