Office Case Study: Mercury

Mercury, an online banking solution for startups, needed a simple, reliable access control solution for its San Francisco office that didn’t involve the burden of physical keys. Swiftlane’s touchless face recognition access was the perfect solution for creating a hands-free environment.

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About Mercury

Mercury is an online banking solution for startups that strives to make banking simple and streamlined. Mercury offers growth-accelerated products for startups, ecommerce stores, and angel investors that include FDIC insured accounts, physical and virtual cards, and wire transfers, ACH, and checks. In an effort to provide a more secure office environment for employees and visitors at the downtown San Francisco location, Mercury CEO Immaud Akhund and Operations Manager Marti Sollenger were on a mission to find a seamless solution that could provide an elevated user experience along with high security. Swiftlane’s face recognition access technology paired with the mobile app unlock made the decision to deploy an easy one for Mercury’s team.


The Challenge

Mercury needed to rethink and modernize the way employees, visitors, and vendors accessed their office space in San Francisco because the current solution was creating operational burden and increasing potential for burglary, theft, and unauthorized access.

Mercury wanted a solution that was above all: simple. As a startup bank, Mercury needed strong security for their office.

Located on the fourth floor of an office building, Mercury employees were issued a fob to access the main entrance and a physical key to unlock the office door. Making keys, issuing them, and keeping a log quickly became a huge burden for the office manager and it wasn’t scalable or secure. The office manager was also responsible for granting access to vendors, janitors, and visitors, which required always needing to be on-site.

The existing legacy system didn’t allow for remote monitoring of building security or remote door unlock. This became a huge issue when the pandemic hit and the office went to remote first.

Additionally, employees had to lock and unlock the door every time they entered and left the office, so the door was often propped open during office hours for convenience. This issue along with keeping track of who had keys to the office increased the chance of unauthorized access into the office. Mercury also needed a secure way to give temporary access to cleaners, contractors, delivery vendors, and part-time employees.

face recognition door access control

The Swiftlane Solution

“When we first got Swiftlane, I was expecting it to fail a few times and be annoying,” Immaud said. “But even in the beta it has worked flawlessly from the start. Super impressed!”

Swiftlane not only eliminated the need for a physical key, it made the office access experience completely touchless. Being able to access the office using just your face or mobile phone was the perfect solution for Mercury. Soon after the deployment of

Swiftlane, Marti was able to help onboard all employees within just a day thanks to the self-enrollment process that was quick, safe, and contactless. Once self-enrollment was completed, Mercury employees could use just their face to open doors, a huge upgrade in convenience from having to use a physical key.

Employees were immediately excited about the installation of Swiftlane and the novelty of using face recognition to access the office, and those hesitant about face recognition had the option to use the mobile app to unlock the door remotely.

“Overall feeling about Swiftlane has been great,” Marti said. “It’s super easy; we haven’t had any technical issues. Everyone likes using it a lot. It was fun at first, just the novelty of having face recognition. Everyone was really excited about it.”

Swiftlane face recognition unlock enrollment

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