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Best Real Estate Investment Software of 2022

Managing, organizing, and receiving updates about your real estate investments is just as important for investors as it is for syndicators. So, choosing the best real estate investment software based on your goals and experience is an important decision. 

Below, we’ve reviewed the best real estate investment software for multifamily syndication so that you can make the most informed decision for your needs. 

1. Cash Flow Portal

Cash Flow Portal

Pricing and Contract

  • The most affordable real estate syndication software in the market
  • Free trial
  • Free for passive investors 
  • Free for additional sponsors (subject to the raise amount) 
  • Cancel anytime. No commitment. 

Team and Support

Cash Flow Portal is created by syndicators for syndicators. The founder, Perry Zheng had a successful career as an Engineering Manager for Lyft, Twitter, and Amazon prior to discovering multi-family syndication. After trying other investor portals, he found there was no technology that catered specifically to the needs of sponsors and investors alike. Leveraging his extensive software development experience, he created an agile platform that not only accelerates capital raising for multifamily deals, but also created a marketplace where passive investors can build relationships with sponsors to engage in their next deal. 

Relationships are incredibly important in the syndication space, and as such, Cash Flow Portal has the highest level of customer service, with dedicated WhatsApp groups for 1-2-1 support, unique feature releases, and subscription packages for new and experienced sponsors alike.

Marketplace Feature 

The team at Cash Flow Portal is dedicated to making real estate syndication investments more accessible, to both syndicators and investors alike. Traditionally, both parties would attend multiple meet-ups across the country to be introduced to each other. This can be time-consuming and doesn’t always guarantee the investor is matched with the perfect sponsor for their investment criteria. With Cash Flow Portal’s unique sponsor Marketplace, passive investors can gain access to an extended national network of experienced syndicators, understand their philosophies and establish deep relationships to invest in deals that help them meet their personal and financial goals.    

Passive Investor Experience 

Cash Flow Portal’s mission is to unify the passive investment community and provide a single investor portal where investors can view all their deals in one portfolio, across multiple syndications. Rather than logging into multiple investor portals that don’t speak to each other, investors have a single sign-on and can track the performance of their investments holistically in one place. Investors looking for new opportunities can also connect with experienced syndicators on Cash Flow Portal’s sponsor Marketplace and invest directly with their single account, all within the same ecosystem.

Onboarding Experience 

The great thing about Cash Flow Portal is that it’s incredibly intuitive, and you don’t need to be an experienced syndicator or investor to use the platform. You can create deals, add offerings and upload important documents easily in a single workflow and their partnership with HelloSign means documents can be signed and countersigned directly in the portal. Syndicators can be onboarded and deals uploaded in a single day, and investors can join an offer in just a few clicks. 

2. Juniper Square

Juniper Square

The idea behind Juniper Square is to give investment managers an easier, more modern way to work with the individual real estate investors. Juniper Square’s solutions include fund and deal administration, expert guidance and hands-on portal assistance, and institutional reporting. It’s trusted by over 1,200 GPs to manage more than 200,000 investors and $1.5 trillion in assets. 

In September 2021, Juniper Square partnered with CrowdStreet. Joint customers will benefit from the ability to manage investor information associated with capital raised through the CrowdStreet Marketplace via a seamless, end-to-end workflow within Juniper Square. New offerings and investor subscriptions will be shared between both systems, and sponsors will be able to originate investor materials such as distributions, notices and performance data in Juniper Square for publishing in the CrowdStreet Marketplace.

Pricing is not public but is based on Sponsor, Professional and Enterprise subscription levels.

Real Estate Investment Software Features

  • Investor portal
  • Investor and prospect CRM
  • Online subscriptions and customizable data rooms
  • Reporting
  • Integrated distribution payments
  • Business intelligence (BI) insight tool

3. GroundBreaker


GroundBreaker is a real estate investment software company based out of Chicago, Illinois. The company itself is very education-driven and resource intensive. Their in-depth blog features articles and guides by real estate syndication experts. They offer a helpful collection of free checklists, eBooks, templates and other downloads. You can also subscribe to their newsletter, listen to their podcasts and watch webinars for tips, tricks and expert advice. 

The GroundBreak interface is simple yet powerful with assured compliance and strong data security. Pricing is available upon scheduling a demo. 

Real Estate Investment Software Features

  • Contact relationship management
  • Investor portal with encrypted communication
  • Distribution and fundraising automation
  • Investor reporting
  • K-1 sharing
  • Deal rooms

4. IMS

Investment Management Services (IMS)

Investor Management Services (IMS) is a RealPage company that allows users to accelerate deals in a dedicated deal room, manage distribution waterfall, documents, and investor statements. It provides a professional investor portal with basic, essential features. Pricing is available upon request. 

Real Estate Investment Software Features

  • CRM
  • Distribution waterfalls
  • Investor dashboards and statements
  • Commitments and capital calls
  • Document management
  • Key property insights
  • Mobile app for investors

5. Update Capital

Update Capital

Update Capital has a sleek UI with a simple, modern design. It integrates with a list of 2,000+ other essential applications and tools for full customization. Update Capital is trusted by the world’s most innovative firms to manage more than 30,000 real estate investments. Pricing is available upon scheduling a demo. 

Real Estate Investment Software Features

  • Public and Private Online Deal Rooms
  • Document Management and Sharing
  • Workflow Automation
  • Real Estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • E-signatures
  • Reporting
  • Email Management
  • Investor Portal

6. AppFolio


While largely a property management tool, AppFolio has an investor portal that summarizes investment positions and asset information, along with invested and distributed capital. The investment management solution allows users to promote new offerings, track the interest of prospective investors, and manage distribution waterfalls, performance metric calculations, and investor reporting. Pricing starts at $600/month and is based on portfolio size. 

Real Estate Investment Software Features

  • Investor portal
  • Fundraising tracking & document signing
  • Document and K-1 sharing
  • Statements and reporting
  • Waterfall distributions
  • Track deal pipeline
  • Calculate & share performance metrics
  • Complex fund structures
  • Investor database and CRM
  • Investment manager dashboard
  • Fundraising history
  • Communication tools
  • Manage & assign tasks

7. Investor Deal Room

Investor Deal Room

Investor Deal Room is a ResMan company created for real estate syndicators and fund managers. Pricing starts at $500/month and is based on tiers for 1-100 investors, 101-150 investors and a custom enterprise level. 

Real Estate Investment Software Features

  • Investor portal, self-managed profile and communication
  • Deal pages
  • Accept soft commitments
  • Get subscription documents signed automatically
  • Securely share wiring instructions
  • Confirm receipt of funds
  • Document management
  • Automated distributions

8. InvestNext


InvestNext offers an end-to-end real estate investing experience with custom software solutions for a flexible pricing option. Their all-in-one suite starts at $125/month and is based on the amount of funds under management. InvestNext also offers lower pricing for funding- and investment-only suites. 

Real Estate Investment Software Features

  • Investor communication
  • Deal pages
  • Payment platform
  • Waterfall and distribution calculation
  • Investor distribution processing
  • Investment performance
  • Document management

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