Customer Case Study: Washington Water Service

Washington Water, a subsidiary of California Water Service Group, uses Swiftlane for access control and visitor management solutions. This case study covers their experience with Swiftlane hardware installation and product implementation.

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Swiftlane was very easy to deploy, I couldn’t believe it! Users like the simple onboarding process. I got very positive feedback from the employees working there.

Richard Chang, Head of Security & Compliance, California Water Service Group

It provides cost savings and efficiencies by not having to buy key cards or keys. I love the feature of being able to have a guest user call and be let in, and get a visual of who that person is instead of needing to pay for additional security cameras. Support has been great. You get almost instantaneous answers to calls or emails. Once the system was installed, configured to remove any kinks, and set up correctly, I haven’t had to do anything for the past several months.

Donald Bowers, Head of Security, Washington Water Service

About Washington Water

California Water Service Group — the largest regulated American water utility west of the Mississippi River and third largest in the country — acquired Rainier View Water and merged them into an existing owned subsidiary called Washington Water Service. Located in Washington state, Washington Water provides water utility services to 36,000 customer connections in about 200 Washington water systems from three regional offices and three field offices.

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The Challenge

Washington Water’s top priority was ensuring security efforts were compliant with regulations on the federal level, as well as the state level. As a government organization, many employees were still required to come into the office, and because of COVID, it was necessary to find a solution that didn’t require touching keypads, touchscreens, or fingerprint scanners. The challenge was finding the right system that was easy to implement, provided high security, and required low maintenance — all within budget.

“I needed a solution that was easy to maintain,” said Richard Chang. “Because after you deploy the solution, as part of your daily operation, you need to maintain it. We found Swiftlane through a Google search, and this solution has been perfect. That’s why we decided to implement it.”

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The Solution

Swiftlane provided Washington Water a touchless access solution that was safe, convenient, and removed the burden of needing key cards or physical keys. Implementing Swiftlane helped Washington Water in the following ways:


Convenient Touchless Access

Located in a leased building with three other tenants, Washington Water needed an access control solution that would integrate with existing legacy systems already installed. Incorporating and integrating Swiftlane into the existing systems and doors was a seamless installation.

Swiftlane not only eliminated the need for a physical key, it made the access experience completely touchless for employees who were now able to walk up to the door and unlock using face recognition or mobile credentials. Employees who didn’t want to use face recognition had the option to use mobile unlock, so it was helpful to have these two systems in one. Other building tenants were jealous of how easy access was for Washington Water employees. 

Washington Water, a system that eliminated the need to physically touch a PIN pad or card reader was the ideal solution for an increasingly hands-free environment.


Self-Enrollment and User Experience

Soon after installation, Washington Water was able to onboard all employees at this location within just a couple days. “Swiftlane was very easy to deploy, I couldn’t believe it. Users like the simple onboarding process,” said Donald Bowers.

Employees used the Swiftlane mobile app to complete a 60-second self-enrollment process. The ability to have everyone self-enroll remotely allowed admins to manage the process in a safe, contactless way. Swiftlane enrollment works by inviting users to download the mobile app and self-enrollment themselves.

“Yeah, most of them are super impressed like, wow, I can walk up and show my face and open the door,” said Donald Bowers. A small portion of users didn’t want to use facial recognition, so it was really beneficial that Swiftlane provided mobile access and PIN access as well. After the initial setup, employees were very impressed by how easy it was to just walk up to a door and have it open without needing to fumble for a badge or key.


Improved Visitor Management Experience

Post-COVID when many employees are working remotely or on flexible schedules, managing visitors securely is a critical issue. Swiftlane Video Intercom was the perfect solution to streamline visitor access from anywhere. Security teams and admins at Washington Water were able to remotely answer calls and visually verify each person before granting access to the building. This eliminated the need for additional security cameras, and allowed for real-time reporting to quickly identify suspicious activity.

“I love the feature of being able to have a guest user call and be let in, and get a visual of who that person is instead of needing to pay for additional security cameras,” said Donald Bowers.


Remote Management

Washington Water wanted a system that was easy-to-use and reduced operational burden on security and admin teams, especially in an increasingly remote first world. The Swiftlane cloud-based dashboard offers a convenient management tool that is accessible from anywhere.

“I like the dashboard,” said Donald Bowers. “It’s simple, clean, pretty straightforward, and intuitive.” The remote functionality eliminated the need to be onsite to add or remove users or update permissions for employees and visitors.

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