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Traditional access systems carry significant risks

Current access controls run old on - premise software with insecure patches, with significant operational burden

  • Proximity cards are easy to clone

    Inexpensive cloning devices can copy a badge without the user’ s awareness and result in undetected intrusion into any building

  • Tailgating risks

    Without visual verification, it’ s easy to walk behind an authorized person and gain unauthorized entry

  • Legacy hardware and software

    Traditional access control systems run on large on - premise servers that run old software patches that can open your business up to security risks


Swiftlane mobile credentials are convenient to use

Swiftlane app provides secure, encrypted unlock for your doors from your mobile phones

  • Secure access

    Swiftlane provides a secure, encrypted unlock using the app

  • Enrollment is easy

    Just enroll your users from your browser in real time

  • No more lost badges

    Remove the hassle of re - provisioning credentials

Swiftlane face recognition access is fast and very secure

Face recognition access provides high security and peace of mind, with the convenience of not carrying credentials

  • Frictionless Access

    Just walk up to the door, look at the access point and unlock the door

  • Quick face enrollment

    Users enroll themselves from just their phones

  • Designed for privacy

    Swiftlane doesn’ t sell your data, read our complete privacy policy

  • Peace of mind

    Create a high security environment without burdening your employees


Transform every aspect of your access control system

Swiftlane reduces friction while improving security and access management

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    Cloud based management

    Enroll, update and manage access to your users from anywhere, using the Swiftlane cloud based access management dashboard

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    Real time updates

    Enroll or remove users online, and changes reflect instantly

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    Fastest Face Enrollment

    Employee can enroll their face from their phones