New Swiftlane awarded Best Wired Access Control Product 2020 by SIA

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Capacity Planning

Set capacity limits and turn on alerts to limit access when the building reaches capacity. Ensure social distancing and avoid overcrowding.

Built for Privacy

  • Data Usage

    Swiftlane does not sell your data, please read our complete Privacy Policy

  • Encrypted Communications

    TLS and HTTPS encrypted communications to secure your data

  • Secure Data Handling

    Encrypted storage and secure data handling policies to safeguard from unauthorized access


PPE Management

Keep track of all your critical PPE inventory. Prioritize and track PPE allocation to highest at-risk employees.

Swiftlane Health Check Features

  • Temperature Self-Checks

    Set up employee self-temperature checks before coming into the office

  • Capacity Planning

    Enforce capacity limits to ensure social distancing

  • PPE Management

    Manage inventory and allocation of PPE

  • Staggered Schedules

    Create, communicate, and enforce staggered schedules for social distancing

  • Announcements

    Ensure critical and timely updates reach all employees