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Seamless system to manage your access points

Companies are scrambling to modernize their workplaces and adopt better safety and security solutions because of COVID-19. Before employees can safely return to the office, critical and proactive response procedures need to be in place to maintain a germ-free, healthy workplace. Swiftlane has created a touchless access system that uses face recognition or mobile app credentials to provide hands-free, convenient entry to any building or door.
For a limited time, we are offering Bay Area companies free installation and setup, as well as zero monthly fees until all employees return to work. Swiftlane’s touchless access experience will modernize your workplace and provide the security and safety your tenants, employees, and visitors need. Contact us today to see if your company qualifies for our Free Touchless Access Control Offer.

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    Reduce Workplace Risks

    Reduce the risk of theft and break-ins, issues from unauthorized access, lost badges, and workplace violence.

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    Peace of Mind

    Swiftlane provides higher security and a sense of safety for employees and visitors.

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    Easy Setup and Installation

    Swiftlane can be installed in a few hours and can integrate and co-exist with your current access system.

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    Decrease Operational Costs

    Swiftlane simplifies access management and significantly reduces operational costs.

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    Manage Access From Anywhere

    Easily manage permissions and settings from your phone. Eliminate the problem of people getting locked out.

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    Video Calls With Visitors

    Use the video intercom feature to call visitors at the door from your phone, and grant access remotely.

Door access made effortless and secure.

Unlock Doors With Your Phone

Use the Swiftlane app to gain access to your buildings with just a tap.

It’s easy to enroll, and you never have to worry about badges being stolen or copied.


Use Your Face To Access

Just walk up to the door, and it unlocks. No more handling contaminated key card readers and common touch points.

Achieve a high level of security for your office while providing frictionless access experience.

Remotely Greet Your Visitors

Visitors can dial a video call from the door directly to your phone.

Remotely handle guests and visitors, and unlock doors from anywhere.


Maintain High Security and Prevent Break-Ins

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    Fast Enrollment

    Enroll your users from your desk, no need to make a trip to the server room

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    Realtime Feed

    Watch realtime access activity and visually verify every person’s face

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    Easy Installation

    Swiftlane can be easily installed in a few hours in any office

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    Keep your Existing System

    Swiftlane can work with your current access control system. No expensive upgrades.