Office Case Study: Grammarly

Grammarly is located in a downtown San Francisco high-rise office building. After moving into a new office right before the pandemic, Grammarly was faced with unique security challenges that their existing legacy system couldn't solve, which led them to implement Swiftlane's cloud-based solution.

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Rethinking office security in a post-pandemic remote-first world.

In a matter of weeks, COVID changed the way businesses thought about security. Pre-pandmeic, having a legacy system where you press a doorbell that rings to a physical phone that needs to be answered to buzz in a visitor or delivery was the norm. But COVID changed everything. A cumbersome legacy system wasn’t going to work for a company that was now 99% remote. For Grammarly, it was time to find a cloud-based solution.

“The reason I was looking for Swiftlane was because I wasn’t going to be in the office anymore,” Niki said. “There wasn’t going to be somebody to pick up a phone or answer the door. So, I needed something that could let people in remotely.”

Even though employees were mostly working from home, there were still deliveries, vendors, and visitors that needed access to the building, and the legacy system couldn’t provide the secure access solution to easily let them in. The legacy system wasn’t cloud-based and couldn’t be updated or managed from outside the office. It required the admin to be onsite, which wasn’t an option during the pandemic.

Read the case study to discover how Swiftlane provided ease of management, secure visitor access, and peace of mind for employees and admins.