Multifamily Case Study: Hell's Kitchen Co-Op

432-434 West 47th Street is a sleek, intimate cooperative in the heart of Hell's Kitchen in New York City. The Co-Op chose Swiftlane's all-in-one access solution to replace the building's antiquated door entry system to improve both security and convenience for residents. Download the customer case study to learn more.

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New York City Cooperative Partners With Swiftlane To Improve Security, Convenience, and Resident Experience

432-434 West 47th Street is a sleek, intimate cooperative in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen in New York City. Built in 1920 on a beautiful tree-lined block, this 20-unit space is split between two five-story buildings with two units per floor.

Fred Schwark, a resident of 432-434 West 47th, leads tenant improvement initiatives within the Co-Op. “I started looking into new door entry options for our building because I have a general interest in improving it. Our biggest pain point with the old apartment entry system was needing to be physically present at our apartment to let people in. So, as an IT professional, my Co-Op nominated me to search for a good vendor for a new door entry system for our building.”

Fred and his Co-Op replaced their outdated system with Swiftlane’s all-in-one access solution to improve security and convenience, and modernize their living experience.

Download the complete Swiftlane customer success story from the Hell’s Kitchen Co-Op and read more about how Swiftlane is solving real challenges in the multifamily community.