Multifamily Case Study: 661 Washington

661 Washington is a five-story boutique walk-up located in the landmarked area of Manhattan’s West Village in New York City. The building needed a modern access system that would vastly improve tenant experience in order to attract young, affluent residents, and Swiftlane offered the perfect solution. Download the customer case study to learn more.

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Landmark Building in New York City Incorporates Swiftlane to Generate Revenue and Attract Young, Affluent Tenants

TARGO Capital Partners is a real estate investment firm that focuses on the acquisition of multifamily and mixed-use buildings. TARGO Capital Partners recently acquired 661 Washington, a 13-unit building in the landmarked area of Manhattan’s West Village in New York City. 

Asset Manager Adam Basuljevic headed the upgrade of the building in order to modernize the interior design and improve the tenant experience in an effort to attract young, affluent tenants. Before renovations began, Adam found Swiftlane’s all-in-one access control and video intercom solution, which he selected as a key component to the building’s modernization.

Download the complete Swiftlane customer success story from 661 Washington and read more about how Swiftlane is solving real challenges in the multifamily community.