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ButterflyMX Intercom System Review, Pricing and Comparison

About ButterflyMX

ButterflyMX has a range of products for developers, owners, property managers, and tenants. The New York based manufacturer positions its intercoms devices as “smart video intercoms.” These systems are available in 7-, 11.6-, or 21-inch wall-mounted video intercom stations with touchscreen displays.

Features of ButterflyMX

  • Support for multiple tenants directory
  • Pin based access for residents
  • Provides smartphone door unlock including mobile app and touchless swipe unlock
  • Issuing QR codes for visitor access
  • Remotely unlock via mobile app after visually verifying and talking to the visitor
  • The app records door release logs along with photos
  • Elevator integration via intercom hardware or the mobile app
  • Systems are available in 7, 11.6 or 21 inches wall mount video intercom stations with touchscreen displays

Pros of ButterflyMX

  • Modern intercom offering with many types of features combined into one: video intercom, visitor temporary access via QR code, PIN based access and others. 
  • Detailed installation guides on the website
  • The intercom is very easy to install and starts working as soon as plugged in
  • The simple interface makes it a great choice for tenants and property managers
  • All basic features including remote unlock, automatic touchless unlock, entry logs, and video calling are available
  • The company lists customer’s across multifamily, commercial offices, student housing and other industries

Cons of ButterflyMX

  • A minimum of 7.5” width surface is required to install Butterfly’s smallest 7” Surface model, which not be available at all entry points where intercom/access control is required
  • No facial recognition access control option


ButterflyMX hardware costs from $3,650 to $6,150 depending on the tablet size and design. The software is priced based on the number of units, starting at $750/yr for residential. Commercial pricing is based on the number of employees and starts at $2,400/yr, based on pricing available in Sept 2020. 

Comparison of ButterflyMX With Swiftlane Video Intercom

Swiftlane is a modern, award-winning access control system and video intercom created by a Silicon Valley-based tech company. It’s a newer system driven by latest technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, and IoT.


  • Residential features include: swipe to open, video calling, door release logs, and elevator controls
  • Manage permissions for tenants or visitors with virtual keys or delivery pins
  • Offers various integration options with Entrata, RealPage, Brilliant, Yardi, and more
  • Cloud-based system
  • Smart intercom installation requires only three connections: internet, door lock, and power


  • Two-way audio and video intercom calling
  • Built-in access control
  • Pick up calls from your phone or browser
  • Release door lock remotely
  • Suitable for single office, multi-tenant commercial, and residential buildings
  • Centrally manage multiple doors and buildings
  • Availability of built-in mobile app, mobile proximity, and face recognition unlock
  • Remote capabilities for creating or managing credentials
  • Communicate with visitors from anywhere and grant remote access with the built-in video intercom system
  • Built-in COVID-safety, health checking, and capacity-planning tools
  • Simple system that doesn’t require expensive training, maintenance or integrations
  • A fully managed backend


Butterfly products provide  modern solutions, including video intercom, pin unlock, and QR codes for guests. Modern access control and intercom systems can help  future proof of your investment. A $3,600+ hardware price, plus install cost might not fit the budget for some customers. A minimum 7” width for install might not work for the space available at all your entrances.

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