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Ultimate Butterfly MX Review: Apartment Intercoms 🌟🏢

In this comprehensive review, we take a closer look at Butterfly MX, a company that has become a leading provider of access control technology for multifamily, commercial, gated communities, and student housing properties. We will discuss the company’s background, products, industries they serve, and other relevant details.

Butterfly intercom

Butterflymx Reviews

Background and History

Butterfly MX was founded in 2014 by Cyrus Claffey, who, along with co-founders Mathew Knoff, Kunal Shah, and Ivan Mihalj, sought to revolutionize the traditional apartment intercom system. Recognizing the potential of smartphones, Claffey and his team developed the first-ever smartphone-powered butterflymx intercom system, which was released in 2015.

Butterfly Apartment Intercom

Since its inception, Butterfly MX has expanded its offerings beyond intercoms to become a complete property access solution provider. Today, the company boasts over 10,000 multifamily, commercial, gated community, and student housing clients who rely on its technology to manage and grant access to their properties.

Here is a video that shows the various butterflyMX features:

Product Offerings

Butterfly Entry System – Video intercom

Butterfly MX’s video intercom simplifies access control with cloud-based solutions, working with doors, gates, and elevators using electronic or magnetic locks. ButterflyMX video intercom provides several capabilities including:

  • Video intercom call between visitors and residents
  • Remote door unlock from the mobile app
  • Ability to generate pin entry for delivery companies and visitors and restrict time window
  • Use QR codes as a temporary visitor pass to enter the building

Butterfly Access Control

Butterfly MX’s access controllers work remotely and offer:

  • Remote management
  • Offline mode
  • Multiple entry methods
  • Compatibility with Butterfly MX products
  • Smartphone access
  • Three reader options

Package Room

Butterfly MX simplifies package management:

  1. Couriers deliver packages, and the panel captures a photo.
  2. Residents receive notifications.
  3. Residents enter their code, and the panel records their access.

Online Management Dashboard

Butterfly MX’s dashboard enables users to:

  • Manage access
  • Review entry logs
  • Manage multiple properties
  • Create custom reports
  • Monitor package deliveries
  • Configure integrations

Butterfly Elevator Control

Butterfly MX’s elevator control enhances security with:

  • Video intercom integration
  • Floor-specific access
  • Customizable settings

Butterfly MX Keypad Reader

Butterfly MX’s keypad reader offers:

  • Touchscreen interface
  • Video intercom and mobile app integration
  • Customizable access codes

Vehicle Access Control

Butterfly MX’s vehicle access control features:

  • License plate recognition
  • Video intercom and mobile app integration
  • Customizable access settings

Butterfly Mobile App

Butterfly MX’s mobile app provides:

  • Remote property access
  • Video calling
  • Customizable notifications
  • Smart home automation integration

Butterfly MX Price

In a nutshell, ButterflyMX costs $3995-5,995 for the video intercom, $3,645 for package room, and $699 for pin pad reader. The ButterflyMX software is listed at $42/apartment unit/year, plus additional $6/unit for property management integrations. Installation can vary. Understanding the pricing structure for Butterfly MX systems is essential when considering this solution for your building. Every building has unique requirements, and as such, the costs may vary. For accurate pricing tailored to your building, it’s best to contact Butterfly MX directly through their website. Nevertheless, we can provide a general overview of the types of charges you can expect.

Hardware Costs

ButterflyMX video intercoms are very overpriced, given that they lack strong vandal protection and the fact that it runs a Windows Computer Tablet Interface with a custom software. At the time of writing, Butterfly MX offers the following hardware options with their respective costs:

  • 7-inch Butterfly MX intercom panel: $3,995
  • Larger 11.5-inch panel costs $5,995
  • Package room panel: $3,645
  • Mobile-enabled key fob pin reader: $699
  • Modern and more feature rich video intercoms cost $1800 to $2800

Installation Costs

Installation costs can vary depending on the specific requirements of each building. Generally, you can expect the following range:

  • $1,500 to $3,500 per door

Please note that installation costs are billed directly to the third-party local installers in your city.

Software Subscription Costs

Butterfly MX offers various subscription options to accommodate different needs:

  • Annual subscription fee per unit: $42/unit
  • Property Management System (PMS) Sync: $6/unit per month
  • Package Room management: $2,400/year

Potential Drawbacks of the Butterfly MX System

When considering the Butterfly MX system, it’s essential to be aware of its potential drawbacks. The following points outline some of the concerns that may arise with this access control solution:

  1. Absence of IK Rating: The Butterfly MX intercoms do not have a published IK rating, which raises concerns about the touchscreen’s vulnerability to vandalism attempts and impacts the system’s durability.
  1. Windows Operating System Issues: There have been reports of operating system corruption within Butterfly MX systems, leading to device replacement and significant expenses.

High Pricing Compared to Alternatives: Butterfly MX has higher pricing than some of its competitors due to its early entry into the market, which may be a concern for budget-conscious customers.

Limited Features Compared to Alternatives: Some features offered by newer access control systems are not available with Butterfly MX, such as facial recognition access, loitering alerts, and more advanced property management integrations.

Disconnected Experience with Cloudkeyz Access Control: The separate operation of Butterfly MX’s access control product and Cloudkeyz access control may lead to a disjointed experience for managing resident access and increased training overhead for property management teams.

Push Notification Calls: Butterfly MX calls come as push notifications, which can be easy to miss compared to full-blown video phone calls on other systems.

Lack of Vandal Protection Ratings: The Butterfly MX system does not offer high vandal protection ratings, which may affect the long-term durability of the investment.

Always on bright screen that attracts attention: Some customers find that the constant bright pink screen attracts unwanted attention towards the building instead of maintaining a low profile (However it’s a great marketing idea to drive virality of the product)

ButterflyMX covered with a custom cover to avoid attention

No Cellular Backup or Pure Cellular Deployments: The Butterfly MX system does not support cellular backup for the main internet connection, nor does it offer pure cellular deployments.

No Live View or Callback Features: Butterfly MX does not provide live view functionality from the mobile app or the ability to call back to the reader from your mobile phone.

Limited Building Announcement Capabilities: Butterfly MX does not allow property managers to send building announcements to residents through the property management interface.

Limited Resident Move-In and Move-Out Flow Support: The system lacks robust resident move-in and move-out flow support, which could make managing these transitions more challenging for property managers.

By understanding these potential drawbacks, you can make a more informed decision about whether the Butterfly MX system aligns with your building’s requirements and expectations.

ButterflyMX Competitors and Alternatives

Swiftlane Video Intercom

Swiftlane video intercom is a modern take on the building entry system, offering cutting-edge entry options for residents such as face recognition access, mobile app access, and key fobs. It also provides a secure and convenient way to handle food deliveries, package deliveries, guests, and visitors. Learn more about Swiftlane here.

Swiftlane vs. ButterflyMX

We have put together a comparison of ButterflymX vs Swiftlane here. You can download the complete Swiftlane Video Intercom Overview PDF Here

Solution Comparison


  • Two-Way Audio/Video Intercom Calling
  • Convenient face unlock for residents (preferred by over 95% residents)
  • Loitering Detection for intruders and transients
  • Building Announcement to Residents through Email and Push Notifications
  • Touch Screen Vandal Resistance Certification (IK Rating)
  • Hardware Cost: $3,995 - $6,995
  • Cellular Internet Based Deployment to Reduce Monthly Costs
  • Deter security threats with intruder access photo logs
  • Resident move-in and move-out workflows
  • Free Property Management System integration
  • Windows Operating System
  • Resident Access Modes on the Intercom: Mobile app, PIN
  • Resident can call back the reader for missed calls
  • Route calls to multiple residents within a unit in parallel
  • Integration with CCTV camera systems
  • Support regular phone and landline calls
  • Remote unlock and door release
  • Managing access to deliveries
  • Hands-free, Siri-enabled voice controls
  • Allow one time access PINs
  • Touchscreen directory
  • Leasing office and front desk intercom


  • Two-Way Audio/Video Intercom Calling
  • Convenient face unlock for residents (preferred by over 95% residents)
  • Loitering Detection for intruders and transients
  • Building Announcement to Residents through Email and Push Notifications
  • Touch Screen Vandal Resistance Certification (IK Rating)
  • Hardware Cost: $1,450 - $2,250
  • Cellular Internet Based Deployment to Reduce Monthly Costs
  • Deter security threats with intruder access photo logs
  • Resident move-in and move-out workflows
  • Free Property Management System integration
  • Android IOT
  • Resident Access via Mobile app, Face Unlock, PIN, Siri Voice Unlock
  • Resident can call back the reader for missed calls
  • Route calls to multiple residents within a unit in parallel
  • Integration with CCTV camera systems
  • Support regular phone and landline calls
  • Remote unlock and door release
  • Managing access to deliveries
  • Hands-free, Siri-enabled voice controls
  • Allow one time access PINs
  • Touchscreen directory
  • Leasing office and front desk intercom


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Industries Served

Butterfly MX’s products cater to a wide range of industries and property types. Below are some of the primary industries served by the company:


Butterfly MX’s access control solutions help multifamily property managers simplify and streamline property access for residents, staff, and visitors. By implementing the company’s video intercom, access control, visitor entry, and package room solutions, multifamily properties can enhance security and improve resident satisfaction.


Commercial properties, such as office buildings and co-working spaces, can leverage Butterfly MX’s access control solutions to manage employee and visitor access. The company’s access control system allows for seamless integration with existing building systems, streamlining access management and providing a more convenient experience for all users.

Gated Communities

Gated communities can benefit from Butterfly MX’s video intercoms and access control solutions to grant access to residents, visitors, and service providers. The company’s systems enable property managers to monitor access and provide residents with a simple, secure way to grant access to their community.

Student Housing

Student housing properties can utilize Butterfly MX’s access control and package room solutions to manage building access and handle the high volume of package deliveries common in these settings. The company’s solutions help improve security and provide a seamless experience for both students and property management staff.

Integration Capabilities

Butterfly MX’s access control solutions can integrate with various property management software (PMS) and other third-party systems. Some of the company’s integrations include:

  • Property management software: Butterfly MX integrates with popular PMS systems, such as Yardi, RealPage, and Entrata, to simplify access management and resident onboarding.
  • Smart home automation: The company’s products can be integrated with smart home automation platforms, like Control4, Crestron, and Savant, to provide a seamless experience for residents.
  • Visitor management systems: Butterfly MX works with visitor management systems like Envoy and ProxyClick, enabling property managers to manage visitor access more efficiently.
  • Security platforms: The company’s access control solutions can integrate with security platforms like Brivo, Kastle, and LenelS2, enhancing property security.

Value of Butterfly MX for Building Owners, Property Managers, and Residents


  • Increased property value: Attractive access control enhances property appeal and marketability.
  • Security: Enhanced access management reduces unauthorized entries.
  • Reduced costs: No need for additional hardware or wiring.

Property Managers

  • Efficient management: Remote access management saves time and resources.
  • Integrated dashboard: Monitor entry logs, manage multiple properties, and create custom reports.
  • Flexible control: Easily grant, edit, or revoke access to residents, staff, and visitors.


  • Convenience: Unlock doors, gates, and elevators using smartphones, fobs, key cards, or PIN codes.
  • Remote access: Grant access to visitors, service providers, or delivery personnel remotely.
  • Notifications: Receive alerts for events such as package deliveries or visitor access.

Watch how Swiftlane Video Intercom Works

Person Using Swiftreader X Video Intercom

Butterfly Apartments

A story: Once upon a time, in a bustling city, there stood a majestic building known as Butterfly Apartments. The residents of Butterfly Apartments were a diverse and vibrant bunch, who cherished the little moments of joy and convenience that their beloved smart intercom system, ButterflyMX, brought into their lives.

On a typical day, Rosie, a young resident, dashed out of her apartment, late for work. As she approached the lobby door, she realized she’d forgotten her keys. “Oh, darn!” she muttered, then remembered she could unlock the door with her ButterflyMX mobile app. With a sigh of relief, she swiped open the app and gained access. “Thank goodness for ButterflyMX!” she exclaimed.

Meanwhile, in the building’s mailroom, Mr. Thompson, the elderly gentleman in unit 7B, eagerly awaited a package. As he stood there, contemplating the possibility of package thieves using the ButterflyMX camera for selfies, he chuckled. “Well, at least they’ll leave a nice memory of their heist!” he mused.

Upstairs, Jack, a tech-savvy entrepreneur, was expecting a business associate. He decided to generate a one-time QR code for his guest. As he tapped and clicked his way through the process, Jack couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated. “Ah, the joys of modern technology!” he said, rolling his eyes. “I guess I can add ‘QR code generation speed’ to my list of first-world problems.”

Back in the mailroom, Mr. Thompson received a notification from ButterflyMX. “Your package has been delivered,” it read. He eagerly opened the locker, only to find that Rosie, in her morning rush, had accidentally grabbed his package instead of her own. Mr. Thompson sighed, “Well, I guess even ButterflyMX can’t solve all our problems.”

In the end, despite the occasional mishaps and quirks, the residents of Butterfly Apartments continued to enjoy the enhanced security, convenience, and connectivity that their ButterflyMX system provided. And so, life at Butterfly Apartments went on, with a little laughter, a few surprises, and a whole lot of smart intercom magic.


ButterflyMX App

Links to the ButterflyMX mobile apps: iOS/iPhones / Android

Butterfly Apartment Intercom

Creating a Delivery PIN as a Property Manager

As a property manager, you can create delivery PINs for package carriers or vendors to facilitate secure deliveries.

Steps to Create Delivery PINs

  1. Open ButterflyMX OS: Click ‘Delivery Authorizations’.
  2. Create new authorization: Click ‘New Delivery Authorization’.
  3. Add description: Differentiate between PINs.
  4. Choose a unique PIN: Create a five-digit PIN.
  5. Save: Click ‘Save’.
  6. Inform carrier/vendor: Share the PIN with the carrier/vendor.
  7. Carrier uses PIN: Carrier enters the PIN at the intercom.

Edit or delete PINs using the ‘Actions’ column.

Creating a Delivery PIN as a Resident

Residents can create door PINs for personal use to open doors when phone or keys are unavailable.

Steps to Create a Door PIN

  1. Open ButterflyMX app: Click ‘Account’.
  2. Select ‘PIN’: Access PIN settings.
  3. Choose a PIN: Type in an easily memorable PIN.
  4. Use PIN at intercom: Enter the PIN at the intercom.
  5. Open door: Click ‘Next’ to release the door for 5 seconds.

For security, the video intercom takes a time- and date-stamped photo of the person using the PIN, stored in the mobile app for 365 days.

Creating and Using ButterflyMX Virtual Keys

ButterflyMX Virtual Keys provide a secure way to grant access to your building. These QR & PIN codes can be created within the ButterflyMX mobile app and shared with visitors.


  • Send and manage virtual keys
  • Revoke access anytime


  • ButterflyMX account
  • Mobile app on iOS or Android
  • Enabled virtual keys

How to Issue and Use Virtual Keys

  1. Open ButterflyMX app: Launch the app.
  2. Press ‘+ Virtual Key’: Click the button.
  3. Choose a virtual key type: Select custom duration, recurring access, business hours, full-day use, or one-time key.
  4. Name your virtual key: Assign a name.
  5. Select key’s active time: Choose the days and times when the key is active.
  6. Choose an expiration date: Set the expiration date.
  7. Click “Create Key”: Confirm and share the key.
  8. Share via text message or email: Send the key to the recipient.
  9. Guest receives virtual key: They get the key via text message or email.
  10. Virtual key is received as a QR code: Recipient sees key details and QR code.
  11. Visitor clicks “Virtual Key” on ButterflyMX intercom: They click the button on the intercom.
  12. Visitor aligns virtual key (QR Code) with intercom: They follow the prompt to align the key with the intercom.

The video intercom takes a time- and date-stamped photo of the person using the virtual key, stored in your mobile app for 365 days.


Q: What is ButterflyMX used for?
A: ButterflyMX is a smart video intercom system used for managing building access and communication with visitors.

Q: Does ButterflyMX cost money?
A: Yes, ButterflyMX has various pricing plans based on the specific needs of a building.

Q: Who competes with ButterflyMX?
A: Competitors include Swiftlane, Liftmaster, Alphatouch, and Latch.

Q: How does ButterflyMX work for deliveries?
A: ButterflyMX allows property managers to create delivery PINs for package carriers, providing secure access for package drop-offs.

Q: Does ButterflyMX work from anywhere?
A: Yes, ButterflyMX’s mobile app allows users to manage access and communicate with visitors from anywhere.

Q: Where is ButterflyMX made?
A: ButterflyMX is designed and assembled in the United States.

Q: Who is the manufacturer of ButterflyMX?
A: ButterflyMX is manufactured by ButterflyMX, Inc.

Q: How do I cancel ButterflyMX?
A: To cancel ButterflyMX, contact your property manager or ButterflyMX support.

Q: How many employees does ButterflyMX have?
A: ButterflyMX has 211 employees, according to LinkedIn.

Q: How much bandwidth does ButterflyMX need?
A: ButterflyMX requires 2 Mbps of dedicated bandwidth.

Q: Does ButterflyMX work on elevators?
A: ButterflyMX can be integrated with elevator systems to control access to specific floors.

Q: Do ButterflyMX panels require a static IP address?
A: ButterflyMX panels can use either DHCP or a static IP address.

Q: Who owns ButterflyMX?
A: ButterflyMX is a privately-held company.

Q: Who is the CEO of ButterflyMX?
A: Aaron Rudenstine is the CEO of ButterflyMX.

Q: How do you unlock ButterflyMX?
A: Users can unlock ButterflyMX via the mobile app, PIN entry, visitor PIN, delivery PIN, or QR code.

Q: How do you open an apartment door with ButterflyMX?
A: ButterflyMX is designed for building doors, not individual apartment doors.

Q: How do you let someone in with ButterflyMX?
A: You can let someone in with ButterflyMX using the mobile app, QR code, visitor PIN, or delivery PIN.


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