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Apartment Intercom Buzzers: Types and Tips for Upgrading  

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a way of opening your building’s door when a friend comes to visit without stepping off your sofa? It sure would, and this is where an apartment intercom buzzer system comes in handy.

Put simply, apartment door buzzer systems, or just buzzers, buzz you when there is a visitor at your door and allows you to grant them remote access from anywhere. 

Door buzzers serve two major purposes for property owners and renters: they alert you when someone wants to gain access to their homes, and they let them grant access.

Modern intercom systems are fitted with audio and video telephony. This allows you as a homeowner to communicate with visitors at your door either via voice or video call from with your mobile phone. The best video intercom systems can even let you record videos of visitor activities around your apartment.

There are many reasons why you should install an apartment intercom system with a buzzer feature. Firstly, it can help prevent break-ins, keeping you and your family safe. Secondly, it makes it easy and convenient for you to grant access to visitors.

In addition, they help improve security around apartment buildings by generating unique pin codes for visitors looking to access a building, which reduces the use of communal pin codes.

But how exactly do modern buzzers work and how many types of buzzers are there? 

Let’s find out

How Modern Buzzers Work

Think of modern buzzers as your regular doorbell system. A visitor seeking to access your apartment’s front door presses the bell on the entry door panel, after which you will hear a buzzing sound, alerting you someone is at the door.

The problem with regular doorbell systems is that you can’t open your doors with them. But modern buzzers can.

Interestingly, modern buzzers have an HD camera that lets you see who is at your door. They also have a telephone entry system that enables you to communicate in real-time with visitors at your door.

Most modern buzzers have a digital contact directory that makes it easy for visitors to get through to a particular resident. All your visitor has to do is press the button with your apartment’s label on it to connect with you.

The best part is that you can receive and make calls from these buzzers with your smartphone no matter where you are in the world. 

Types of Apartment Buzzers

There are many types of apartment buzzers. Knowing them makes it easy to figure out which is best for you as a building owner. That being said, here are the three major types of apartment buzzers.

Wired-in unit buzzers

As the name suggests, wired buzzers are buzzers with a physical wire that runs from the door station to a building. Although somewhat old-fashioned, these buzzer systems do have audio and video calling capabilities.

Some wired buzzers have door release logs that let you track visitor activity around your apartment.

The major upside to wired buzzer systems is that they are highly reliable. Using them saves you connectivity issues associated with wireless intercoms that run on Wifi and Bluetooth.

This makes them ideal for apartment buildings with multiple tenants.

Nevertheless, a wired buzzer system can be expensive to install and maintain. On top of that, they have serious limitations that can make them unattractive.

For example, they don’t let you grant remote access to visitors, and you will have to be around to receive and respond to intercoms. Also, using a wired buzzer on your building means you will have to manually re-configure the buzzer each time a new tenant moves in.

Telephone entry systems

Linear Intercom
linear telephone entry system

Telephone entry systems are another great apartment buzzer system that lets visitors call a building resident when looking to gain entry. These systems allow you to communicate with your visitors via regular phone lines or internet-enabled telephony.

Telephone entry systems are often embedded with in-unit hardware that let you remotely open the door to your apartment building. For instance, when a delivery person arrives at your door, you can conveniently open your entrance door with just a click of a button.

You could even connect it to your cell phone to receive visitor calls and manage access control remotely.

As you would expect, this type of apartment buzzer system is highly reliable, as it’s not prone to internet connectivity problems. This makes it an ideal option for property managers looking for buzzer systems that are easy to maintain.

On the flip side, Telephone entry systems are prone to security breaches because they do have analogue components. Also, it takes a lot of time and some expertise to configure them to suit your personal preferences.

Generally, Telephone entry systems are an excellent fit for office buildings, apartment buildings with few tenants, estate security gates, etc.

Video intercom systems

Video intercoms are a must-have if you are looking to beef up security around your apartment or building and maintain round-the-clock surveillance.

How do they work and what other inherent benefits do they offer?

Video intercom systems buzzers come with a built-in camera and are often mounted at the entry points of apartment buildings. When visitors, or maybe delivery drivers, arrive at the video intercom station, all they have to do is hit the buzz button, and you will instantly get a buzz notification.

If the video intercom system is mounted in a multi-tenant building, visitors will first have to find the name of their contact on the digital address book mounted on the video apartment intercom buzzer.

When the notification drops on your cell phone, you can view who is knocking at the door, and remotely open it if you would like to. You could even have a video chat with the person if you want to.

Video intercoms can be configured to record and save downloadable video footage.

One major benefit of installing a video intercom system on your premises is that it can greatly enhance security.

Top 3 Apartment Buzzers

Looking for the best apartment buzzers that are pocket-friendly, yet pack a punch? Here are the best 3 you will ever find on the market.

1. Swiftlane

Swiftlane’s apartment buzzer solutions are second to none in the market. Our apartment buzzer systems have powerful apps that allow you to make calls with visitors at your entrance doors no matter where you are, unlock your doors remotely, stream live video calls and much more.

One key differentiating feature that Swiftlane exclusively offers is facial recognition technology that allows you to access your home through a complete touchless experience. Our facial recognition system is highly protected and so can’t be easily spoofed. This feature saves you the headache of worrying about losing your key fob or card.

Moreover, our apartment buzzer system can help prevent unauthorized access around your premises by letting you create unique access pins for your visitors, which can be used once or multiple times. 

The best part is that you can easily generate these pins from your mobile device without any hassle.

Other interesting features worth noting about our apartment buzzers include hands-free door unlock via voice command, unlimited customization, video recording, and many more.

2 Latch Intercom

The Latch Intercom system is another great apartment intercom buzzer you can count on. It is an apartment intercom buzzer choice for building tenants and property owners looking for durable apartment buzzers that don’t cost so much to maintain.

Latch Intercom features a touch-screen interface with a tactile button that makes it easy for visitors to send a buzzing alert. It also sports a video camera, a microphone and an audio transmitter that lets you stream live video calls with visitors and delivery persons.

Latch’s connectivity is powered by a mix of Bluetooth, WiFi, and Ethernet technology, which you can easily configure to your taste with little technical assistance.

Worried your data can be breached and your privacy compromised? That’s not a problem with Latch, as it comes with top-notch security features that are almost impossible to breach, hence ensuring your data stays safe at all times.

On top of that, Latch gives you the option of choosing how you want your name to be displayed on the intercom’s interface. This means you can choose to use an alias instead of your real name.

Latch offers robust flexibility, in that users can set up their intercom to receive visitor buzzes on their cell phones, unlock a door, etc.

3 2N Intercom

Based in Europe, 2N has been in the business of producing high-quality, reliable apartment intercom buzzers for over 30 years now.

2N’s intercom buzzers are one of the best you will find in the market, as they come with an IP audio system that supports 2-way communication, a full-HD camera that supports bi-directional video calling, accessibility support for people with hearing impairment and many more.

Interestingly, 2N lets you operate your apartment buzzer system and even grants access to visitors remotely from your smartphone.

Other nice features you will like about this intercom system include a self-cleaning screen display, advanced security features, WaveKey technology that makes opening your apartment doors faster and more secure, etc.

Apartment Buzzer Replacement – why you should do it

Though built to last for a long time, it’s not unusual to see apartment buzzers fail due to wear and tear. Sometimes, it could be that your buzzer system no longer fits your needs.

At this point, replacing your buzzer is the most sensible thing to do. Doing so will not only help to enhance building security but will also go a long way in improving access management around your premises.

Other reasons to replace outdated or broken buzzers are as follows:

Attract renters

Convenience and security are the two topmost reasons people look for when renting an apartment. Installing a new buzzer on your building will certainly attract more renters, as it offers the convenience and security renters look for. This means more revenue for you as a property owner.

Minimize delivery theft

Delivery drivers are sometimes in the habit of leaving delivery packages at the entrance doors of a multi-tenant apartment if their owners are not around to pick them up. The result: delivery theft.

Installing a new, modern apartment intercom buzzer will help curtail this challenge, as it allows tenants to give controlled access to delivery personnel. This ensures their packages are kept safely, minimizing, if not completely eliminating, delivery theft.

Save cost

Modern intercom buzzers are a lot easier and cheaper to maintain because they are often fitted with contactless technologies, reducing wear and tear.

Moreover, using this system saves tenants the headache and cost of replacing lost keys. So it’s a double win.

Improved efficiency

Nothing can be more frustrating than re-configuring a buzzer each time a new tenant moves into your building. It’s tedious and expensive at the same time.

Replacing outdated buzzers with new ones will save you this stress, as they let you add and remove tenants from your directory with a tap of the button. This eliminates the physically and financial burden to call up a security tech to come and configure the system manually.

Apartment Buzzer Replacement – what to look for in a new buzzer

There are a couple of things to look for when hunting for a new buzzer that will give you the best value for your money. Here are a few of them.

  • Multi-tenant video intercom: If you are a property manager overseeing a building with many tenants, it’s best to opt for a multi-tenant video intercom system. Such a system can be used by multiple people at a time without issues
  • Touch screen directory: Buzzers with a touch screen directory are easier to use and more efficient
  • Mobile access door lock: What’s the point of using a buzzer that won’t let you open your apartment door from your mobile phone?
  • Supports push notification: It’s easy to miss a visitor’s call, hence why you need a buzzer capable of sending push notifications.
  • Touchless face unlock feature: Makes unlocking access doors faster and more secure
  • Vandal and weather resistant: A good buzzer system should be resistant to harsh weather and vandalism.
  • Affordable: You shouldn’t break the bank to get a new buzzer.
  • Works with delivery companies: A good buzzer should make it easy for delivery drivers to access your property.


What is an apartment buzzer?

Put simply, an apartment buzzer is a system that buzzes you when a visitor wants to gain access to your apartment or building. You can think of them as an advanced doorbell.

However, unlike traditional doorbells, apartment buzzers have advanced technologies, like video streaming, remote door unlock, a two-way audio communication system and many more.

How does an apartment intercom buzzer work?

Modern apartment intercom buzzers come with a camera, a touchscreen interface, and a button. When a visitor clicks the button, you will get a buzz notification on your mobile phone, no matter where you are. The camera on the buzzer lets you see who is at the door. before granting them access.

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