Mission Statement

Provide trusted, reliable and secure physical identity solution, that creates safe, relaxed and modern communities.



A strong team working hard on creating delightful modern experiences

Team memberSaurabh BajajCEO, Founder
Team memberDonald JohnsHead of Design
Team memberNagesh BhadSoftware Engineer
Team memberSergej PershajSoftware Engineering and Product
Team memberAli RazaHardware Engineer
Team memberBoris CivcicSoftware Engineer
Team memberDima BatyukSoftware Engineer
Team memberDaphne NorvellOperations
Team memberVladimir ChuparinaHardware Engineer
Team memberBoban DjurdjevicHardware Engineer
Team memberSanjay KumarSoftware Engineer


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  • Elad Gil
  • Raymond Tonsing
  • Angel Investors