How We Work

Read about the Swiftlane Difference and how our unique approach to security sets us apart.

More About Us

At Swiftlane, we care deeply about our end users and their experience by creating safe, secure, and modern living and working spaces. 

Swiftlane’s solution was developed to solve the root of physical security problems, not just put a bandaid on a faulty process. 

We are driven by a privacy and security first approach. And our integrated video intercom and access control system reflects just that.

Designed for Security 

  • Swiftlane is an engineering first company, unlike competitors who buy their hardware and outsource their engineering. Our in house engineering team works to create the best solution tailored to every facility’s needs. This allows us to create a high-quality experience for our users, and provide a rapidly improving and reliable product you can trust. We control our product, and all our updates and iterations are driven by user patterns, feedback, and the overarching goal to solve real problems. 
  • Swiftlane maintains the highest standard for building security. We provide a patented touchless two-factor authentication for high security areas. Swiftlane also provides facial recognition access to ensure only trusted and authorized people are accessing the building. Our visitor PINs are designed to be unique and automatically revoke after a designated time, to avoid leaking access over time. 
  • Digital Security: We live in a world where digital hacking and data leaks are prevalent. As a privacy first company, we care deeply about data and user security and build products that employ end-to-end encryption, high security data access management, and cloud and hardware security best practices. Swiftlane is a SOC 2 certified product, an external continuous security assessment by AICPA, with a high focus on data security and user privacy.
  • Unlike standalone intercom systems, Swiftlane offers a complete solution for common area security, which includes multimodal access through face, mobile, PIN, or key card. Easily extend the system to connect to elevator call buttons, vestibules, or parking gates. It’s the most comprehensive solution to meet all common area security needs. Plus, all of these devices can be centrally managed for the same tenant and visitor experience without requiring individual changes on site.

Support When You Need It

  • When something goes wrong, you need a person on the ground that can pick up the phone and help resolve your issues immediately. Swiftlane works with trusted and certified local security installers that can support you when needed.
  • The Swiftlane support team is available to answer questions or resolve any issues via phone, chat, or email. 

Product Focused

  • Ensuring a seamless customer experience is our top priority. 
  • Swiftlane thinks deeply about the customer experience so that we can define the product correctly. For example, Swiftlane Video Intercom: 
    • Allows parallel calling to multiple household members
    • Provides multiple entries for roommates in the directory
    • Creates single-use, high security visitor PIN codes that can be embedded into delivery instructions, or given out over a phone call. This works better than QR codes that can’t be embedded into delivery instructions or shared without an internet connection. 


  • At Swiftlane, we create and maintain state of the art products, by listening to our customers and partners. We welcome feedback, and continuously develop new updates that can be rolled out over the air to your devices. 
  • Swiftlane provides local US support, as well as in app support, so there is never a question of when we can be reached. Unfortunately, other companies source internationally made products, made in China, Germany, Japan or other countries, with no clear local support path.

Constantly Improving Product Experience

  • Swiftlane products are frequently updated with new features. All feature updates are sent over the air and don’t require in-person maintenance.
  • Ongoing updates ensure a high-quality product experience long term without having to buy new hardware.
  • Ultimately, you will save thousands of dollars by eliminating the need for maintenance calls with a system that can be updated and managed remotely without requiring on site maintenance and downtime.

We Build What You Need

  • Feedback and Improvement: At Swiftlane, we are receptive to feedback and are constantly making product improvements over the air. It’s our goal  to make our customer and end user’s lives easier. 
  • Modernization That Saves Time: Like over the air improvements, over the air updates offer an easy, seamless way to modernize the existing product while avoiding the burden of maintenance calls and scheduled onsite software updates.
  • Designed for Ease: Our simple browser and mobile-based access management is easy to manage from anywhere without needing to connect to local IP addresses. No technical skills or training is needed to use the dashboard.
  • Scalability: Designed with multiple building access management that  easily scales to manage any number of doors or properties.