Touchless Access
Control Hardware

Swiftlane’s smart SwiftReader enables the future of access control. SwiftReader combines multiple forms of access control and video intercom into a single device. It requires just a single PoE input to operate.

  • Secure face recognition access control
  • Two-way audio and video intercom
  • Mobile app access control over BLE
  • Easy over-the-air updates
  • Power over Ethernet (POE) connectivity
  • PIN based access
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face recognition access

SwiftReader Enables Multiple Secure Access Methods

Recognition Access Control

  • Fast, one second unlock works within a distance of 3 feet and across wide range of heights
  • 2D and 3D checks with low-light flash to prevent attacks using a photo or video
  • ADA compliant by having alternative mobile unlock option
  • Unique two-factor authentication combining face recognition and mobile access for high-security doors

Mobile App Access Control

  • Unlock doors via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Unlock doors from anywhere, via remote unlock using cellular
  • Works from within 20 feet for BLE
  • Secure, encrypted handshake between SwiftReader and mobile app

Two-Way Video Intercom 

  • SwiftReader comes with a built-in video intercom for visitor management
  • Multi-tenant video intercom
  • Avoid large capital expenses of setting up two different systems for access control and visitors

PIN Based Access Control 

  • Single-use temporary PINs for secure package deliveries and visitors
  • Create unique PINs and send via text, app, or email

Works Alongside Key Card Readers

  • Swiftlane works alongside key card readers, so you don’t have to strip your existing card reader
  • Simply install SwiftReader to enable touchless access for your users and visitors
Swiftlane installation manual

How It Works

Watch how Swiftlane can modernize and secure your multifamily building and office.

touchless access control for offices

SwiftReader Hardware Features

  • Robust metal enclosure
  • Slick, matte dark gray finish
  • Weatherproof and water-resistant design
  • Simple, one wire Power over Ethernet install
  • Quick installation process
  • IK07 impact rated for vandal resistance
  • Strong, secure aluminum body with vandal-proof design
  • Sun shade options for outdoor units with water-resistant enclosure
  • Additional theft and vandal protection insurance available
SwiftReader with sunshade for residential buildings

Built for High Security and Privacy

  • Advanced anti-spoofing via 2D and 3D depth data prevents unauthorized access
  • SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant
  • Built in the US with strong privacy controls
  • Swiftlane is designed to protect your privacy. You own the data.
  • Trusted by financial institutions, commercial buildings, startups, government offices, and more
swiftreader high security

Swiftlane Install Diagram

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